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Hundred years of our Indian Cinema


Films or movies are considered to be the effective medium to convey expressions,message,entertainment and even to influence people in a large amount.
Lets Take a look-
The word ‘Film’ and the meaning associated with it experienced humoungous change from its beginning till date.In olden or we can say the golden days,people use to feel joy and excitement with the help of it.Walking to cinema halls,bunking classes to watch the films of legendary actors,begging for the penny from parents by helping them in their work Inorder to watch films,women and men following the famous clothing trend going on that time just to look like the main lead of movies were something we use to boast about.

Since then massive change came in people and their perspective to view films.Now,different kinds of films target different audience.People became more particular about their type of films.People now look for the content.People from all across the globe start appreciating our Indian cinema and started taking interest in every genera specially romance,history and humour.People associated with the film industry from all across are now destined to work with us.Even our Indian actors and actresses are taking hold on Hollywood and proving them worthy …
Let Us Appreciate-
Hundred years of Indian Cinema
Wow,hundred years and many more to go.Always knew that Indian cinema could make it one day.
From the first Indian Motion picture “Raja Harishchandra”till now,our Indian cinema diversified its corners all across.
The fact that our film industry made it hundred itself is a proof of hardwork,dedication and enthusiasm that paved the way for this.

Our Indian cinema gave us some major movies and dialogues that will be cherished by us forever.We as Indians are more close to films as we people draw inspiration from them.Our Indian Cinema is so diversified that it captures love,laugh,life,happiness,friendship,hatred and much more emotions that make it appreciative and worthy and is therefore accepted much by the people.

Whether Jai and Veeru of Sholay,Raju,Farhan and Rancho of 3idiots to Naina,Kabir,Aditi and Avi of Yeh Jawaani hain Deewani .Indian cinema always make us realise the worth of being into the most purest and strongest form of relationship that is friendship.Famous dialogues such as Dosti main no sorry no thankyou to famous songs such as Yaara teri Yaari ko,each and every movie gave us so much to experience in terms of emotion and inspiration..

The first word that comes into mind is the one and only Shahrukh Khan.He is known for his amazing work and contribution in the romance genera thatswhy he is the king of Romance .Movie with a pinch of romance infatuates and connects peoples heart.

Even the genera such as history,suspense and much more gained a lot of appreciation..

Jodha Akbar,Padmavat gained a lot of popularity.Even the youngsters started taking keen interest onto the history of our country…
These past glorious hundred years,opened up great and big oppurtunities for people to showcase their talents in films too.
Women who changed movies-
Women not only changed movies but they changed the opiniative thinking of people about them too.
Whether in terms of films or any platform they are representing themselves and taking a lead too.
In films the major and massive change that took place started early by some of the legendary actresses such as
Nargis,Sridevi,Aishwarya,Madhuri and is still in progress because of Deepika,Priyanka,Alia and much more…
They proved themselves worthy of being appreciated .
They used to take their film singlehandidly even in the presence of hero.Their work was,is and will be appreciated by people and is taken into consideration.Nargis potrayed a powerful role of a mother whose values are much bigger then the love for her family,Madhuri who broke down all the barriers by convincing people the fact that women can lead too in fields of dance,drama and romance.Aishwarya Rai who broke down the so called barriers of fitting into the Indian Industry only by showcasing her power in Hollywood to and making people realise that we Indians too have talent for which we are known.Aishwarya also proved the fact that Beauty with brains too exist..Deepika who inspite of so much struggle,stood so strong and gave powerpack performances for which she got fame worldwide.Priyanka Chopra who broke all the barriers and is immensely taking lead in every business and influencing women to stand and do wonders…
The legendary Sridevi who was not less then a hero of the movie.People used to watch films just because she was in it and not because of the hero.Alia who just solidified womens and broke the boundary of only mens or hero of the movie taking lead.She potrayed one of the finest roles in films such as Raazi,Gully boy etc.
All these women are proofenough of the fact that – In almost everyfield just give women the oppurtunity and they will not let you down for sure…

Downfall of Comedy Cinema
There was a time when people use to love only the movies that provides humour and laughter.But soon the essence started falling down.Nowadays,movies which provide us with suspence,thriller,motivation are much more accepted then the humourous one.This might be because of the slowing and degrading quality of the content provided in such films.People now accept reality then the stuff that is not meant to be true might be the reason for the downfall.But still some actors such as Akshay kumar are doing a lot in this field to make it in the game again.

Essence to a great script
With the changing scenario,people’s perspective on looking onto films too changed and is changing till date.Now people look for the scripts that provides the real content,that have something to go with inspiration,that is real,that for sure can make a change..
Even now the directors and producers are relying on the young talent that have the ability to give something realistic and not imaginary..Scripts of films such as Andhadhun,Badhaai ho,Luka chuppi,Bareli ki Barfi are such examples…

Lack of styling in Bollywood
Style has always being a signature thing for our films.The style not always is connected to fashion but it also deals with the way of representation of a character in a film.But somehow it seems fashion or style with no meaning is empowered in the bollywood industry and this needs to be corrected as soon as possible.As we know that style is something that must go along with what you do.So,there is a need to showcase that style that represent or highlights the importance..just like the style of old films..
People are now taking keen interest in movies but still the interest that we people use to have earlier seems somehow blur because we people have occupied ourselves with so much work that we didn’t get even time to eat and watching movies now seems to impossible.
But we people must understand the fact that work is not everything.We must take time for our family and ourselves and watch movies or do other stuff that make us happy…

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