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I always wanted to capture those clouds.


I hope y’all are having an amazing day so far. These fingers writing this content, belongs to a little funky creature who loves to click pictures. I might also add up her name here that’s, Azmi.
I’ve came this far, that today, I am actually telling how I feel when I photograph little things out.
When I was little, I used to look at the clouds hanging right above my head, as if I’d jump a little, I’d catch them, or even the slightest wind would blow them and they would fall over me, wrapping me in its comfort. I’d always wanted to take a piece of them and put them in a jar, so I could see them whenever the rain went down or the sun was around. I always wanted to save that beautiful scenerio some where, apart from my memory, but of course I had no means to.
Now, I am way past my wish of capturing them. Whenever they are around, I let loose of my camera and encapsulate every bit and piece of them. Also the roads after a heavenly rainfall, the autum trees with disheleved branches, where the birds might come around looking for their food but go back disappointed.
Not always do I love to arrest my magnificently vibrant outfit or my gleaming skin in my camera.
Mostly, It’s about capturing my mother making my favourite dish and letting me starve for it, until it’s completely done.
It’s about capturing my best friend making the weirdest faces when I am crying cause I had a fight with my brother who, like always, stole my Ferrero Rocher.
It’s about capturing my boyfriend when he is sleeping and snoring loudly and I am avoiding so hard not to hit him on the face cause he nearly spoiled my soundless sleep.
Photography is what soothes my mind for when I will look back at memories in time, only the pictures will remind me how distorted I was and how far I’ve came to being this accurate lady.
Mirror won’t capture my life but a photo will surely do.

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