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Idemitsu Museum- A tour through History.


Japan is known as “the land of rising sun”. It is a land where the people are expeditious. Japan has developed rapidly in the last century despite the persistent natural disturbances. But in this ascent, Japan has preserved it’s rich history thanks to “Art Galleries “.
Idemitsu Museum is one such prove of Japan’s History. It is located in Marunouchi area of Chiyoda, Tokyo. Founded in 1966; the museum is a home for ancient Japanese paintings and calligraphy, East Asian ceramics and various works of Western artists. The Museum holds several exhibitions to attract visitors and also plays various events on national festivals.
The Museum opens from 10 AM and closes early at 5 PM. It remains closed at Mondays for regular maintenance. The visitors can enjoy the ancient culture together with the mother nature. The lengthy corridors are decorated with thick glass to enjoy the green view outside, while immersing in the ancient world.
The Museum has laid down a set of guidelines for visitors to follow, with the main aim to make your visit peaceful and knowledgeable. You can read all the guidelines on the website-
The Museum along with the many other art galleries, makes Japan a great tourist spot for people with love for Art. But that’s not a limit factor. Japan is also open to all kinds of tourism, so if you are looking for your next holiday destination- then add this to your list.
For more information on the Museum, you can access their main website-

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