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India under KGB Infiltration during the 70’s?


Cold War of the late twentieth century was the time when it was common to assassinate or push away leaders and persons of grave interest for the interest of the some greedy-cunning people whom today we know as Capitalists. USA and Russia were on their toes to get more countries on their own side. It was like the globe was divided into two with each country’s intelligence department road mapping and constructing the webs of the very war.
It was few days back that I watched this movie ‘Tashkent Files’ which was about- the case of the demise of the second Prime Minister of India being fabricated and falsely told to the world for a agenda clearly not best suited for our country. After the great war with Pakistan has been won, Shastriji went to Tashkent (then USSR) to sign a war treaty. Regarding his visit it has been thoroughly debated that his hotel has been changed twice; and the final stay didn’t had oxygen supply for our PM was a heart patient. It has been thoroughly debated that Shastriji pointed towards his flask while dying from which he regularly takes milk; and that day’s arrangements of the PM had been done by somebody else and not his regular own personal guy. It has been thoroughly debated that Bhaba(whom Shastriji had given the India’s first Nuclear Program) had also been killed right after eleven days of our second PM’s death. Last but not the least- his personal assistant and one other guy who have stayed with him at Russia during the night of his death had been killed and made disabled infront the Parliament of the Country.
I wouldn’t write about it if the movie had just been about this. But when it also revealed that their is this book by a man who interviewed a former agent of CIA and their it was mentioned that the man who prayed cow and wore cap had got his hands on a such weapon and can be fatal for the world, that without him the world would be a better place. The book said, by the CIA agent ‘…we knocked of Bhaba and nailed Shastri as well..’.
I got to think after that. How they are still unable to provide with the real post mortem. Vajpaae and other leaders plead for a post mortem was discarded by the then parliament.
After that the movie talked of how Indira Gandhi, right after ten years of this, sold the entire country to outside world spies and intelligence for some amount of money. KGB wrote that if there was a model for a third world country being infiltrated by the KGB, India in the 70’s would be it. Maximum leaders of the opposition was behind bars and the Russian Intelligence seems to have one to two agents in almost every field.
The way it was portrayed that this hour is the need for truth, and how in this country, truth has become only the right of the privileged. RTI’s filed at recent years have taken out information like the postmortems. And the fact is interesting that the reports at both countries were different than each other. One had two doctor’s signature more than the other.
Facts don’t add up when the pundits debate that Shastriji’s death was the pivot point and the greatest loss to India’s politics. Many don’t know that Shastriji also shares his birthday with the Father of the Nation and we dont even remember him; and even school textbooks seem to miss the respect and love this great leader deserves. You can find many photos of the leader at Kargil war right at the premise and many snaps with the Indian army. He was the first economic reformer of the country. He started the very famous Green Revolution and White Revolution. It was for him that India is the leading milk exporter country in the world today. It was time that we talk of it and let the truth come out, let us public know what has really happened, so that like the apolitical audience this country’s people are; we will again do nothing and keep on with our lives because love for the country is by product of 26th Jan and 15th August!

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