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These are some of the famous Royalties of India whose dazzling style of rule should be known to everyone:

1) Omrao Khan beenkar was a 18th century vina wizard and he was born in Agra to Naubat Khan II.
He had two sons Ameer Khan beenkar (who was the father of legendary vina player wazir khan in rampur) and Rahim Khan.
Omrao Khan was the master of Nawab of Banda ‘Hashmat Jung’ or Ali Bahadur II who participated in the 1857 war of independence.
He was also the chief of Ali Naqi the prime minister of Awadh state and Raja sahab Rewa.
Omrao Khan invented Surbahar also known as bass sitar and taught it to his famous disciple Ghulam Mohammad at Banda.

2)Tikendrajit Singh was a prince of present-day northeastern India in the independent Kingdom of Manipur.He was also known as Bir Tikendrajit and Koireng .
Manipur army was commanded by him and he led a palace revolution that led to the events known as the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891 or the ‘Manipur Expedition.
He was trained in the fighting arts of the warrior race, in the study of the HuyenLallong( War strategy) .He became a champion horse-rider and an avid Polo player at the age of 12 years. His teacher in the art of horsemanship was Bedam Singh which used the poisoned sling-spear ‘Arambai’
in the wars against the Burmese in the early 18th century.

3)Nawab Mir Nizam Ali Khan Siddiqi also known as Asaf Jah II was the Nizam of Hyderabad State in South India between 1762 and 1803.
He was the leading commander and administrator of the Deccan in the year 1759 as his successful methods of fighting against the Marathas had proved him as a capable commander .
He was named with many names but some of the official ones were Asaf Jah II, Nizam ul-Mulk,
Nawab Mir Nizam ‘Ali Khan Siddiqi Bayafandi Bahadur,Fath Jang, Sipah Salar and Nawab Subedar of the Deccan.

4)Brig. Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Bahadur MVC was the last titular Maharaja of Jaipur from 24 June 1970
until 1971 as the 26th amendment to the constitution of India abolished all the titles, privileges and privy purses associated with princely states in India.
He was commissioned into Indian Army in the 3rd Cavalry as a Second Lieutenant holding a short-service commission in 1951 and was selected for the President’s Bodyguards.

5)Pragmulji III is the present titular head of Jadeja dynasty which was based in the former kutch(cutch) state. He was born at 3 May 1936
He did his primary education from The Doon School, Dehradoon and later graduated from Mayo College, Ajmer, and St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.
He was installed in the Tila-medi at Prag Mahal Palace, Bhuj on 17 October 1991 as his father Maharao Shri Madansinji died and under the name and style of H.H
Pragmulji III also has a house in london but lives in Mumbai but often comes to Bhuj, Kutch to look after his heritage.

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