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Ceramic Artists to look out for

Saraswati Renata

Saraswati Renata, formerly known as Renata Sidorenko, is a ceramic miniaturist. She lives in the pottery community of Dana, Auroville. Saraswati finds a place for everything around her
environment interesting enough to be present in her work – the tiniest of nature’s quirks find a place in her art. She is unwaveringly loyal to the commercial glazes from Russia which led to the bright colours that generally end up in her creations.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Born in Sri Lanka, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran works on rough edged, new-age sculptures. His work is often linked to the politics of sex, gender and religion which might be called a study into irony because of his atheist beliefs. He isn’t deterred form from borrowing from his Hindu and Christian heritage as reference points added with some references to the internet, pornography, fashion and art history. A special mention must be given to the presence of androgyny in his work that alludes to gender fluid realms.

Rahul Kumar

Based in Delhi, Rahul Kumar’s work is utilitarian in nature with the maximum of his creations comprising vessels and utensils. One of his creations i.e. Circle Uncircled was exhibited at the India Art Fair in 2016. It was an installation of 101 platters of varying sizes. His work might look simple to the eye of the beholder but it is actually very interpretative and it seems to answer the viewer’s state of mind.

Shirley Bhatnagar

A ceramic designer from NID, Shirley loves switching lanes to collaborate with designers and to engage with diverse practices and themes. Her approach to her ceramic work often weaves in parallel processes, bringing in unexpected influences. Growing up without any exposure to media she came across world cinema in 1922 and this became a great influence in her work.

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