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Is the MEDIA, bad news?

Is the MEDIA, bad news?


The paparazzi. A source of all kinds of news; politics, sports, entertainment, international, national, regional. Be it a celebrity, a politician or a criminal, no one is exempted from the flashes of the paparazzi. The media, that was first established, in my opinion to bring out the truth and the reality of things, now has grown to an extensive amount. The number of newspapers in India itself, amounts to 1,05,443. If, we suppose an average paper, to have 30 pages, that would be 31,63,290; number of pages of news every single day with about 2,21,43,030 articles per day. Out of which, more than 50%, in this day and age, are lies. They’re, either alleged, as the leverage of question marks is used by the reporters or they’re fabricated, with no basis at all. The Etymology of the practice, is owed to the sheer boredom of the readers. However, the media, in my opinion, till this day, doesn’t understand it’s power. The power of the media is so much so, that it making contemptuous statements, about someone, actually leads to a feeling of animosity among the people of the nation, namely, the JANTA. There’s one funny thing about the JANTA of the nation. As much as, I love our country, I can’t help but acknowledge the fact, that the people, in our nation are very easy to influence. Be it the shift of our nation from, Aristocracy to Plutocracy, or any other case, as long as the media, shoves the idea, of it being okay, down the throats of people, the nation at large has no issues. The people, of our nation, who always stand up to the wrong that they see, when in front of the media somehow seem to abdicate and abhor the whole idea of retaliation. We owe a lot of things to the media, theocracy and theophobia, being at the top of the list. THE MEDIA, with shows like sansani and crime patrol and Savdhaan India, although informing it’s viewers about crimes, has led them to be misanthropes. So to what do we owe the pleasure of the media, showing us articles that are far from the truth because they include, just the controversy, that was needed for a spicy headline? Let’s avoid newspapers and magazines and even blog posts that promote defamation of someone, or something, just to create an image of right and wrong in our minds. Let’s not let the media influence what we think. Let it not tell us, what is black and white, because we often tend to miss the grey that they hide in between.

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