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Kalka to Shimla Mountain Railway


Kalka to Shimla Mountain Railway

Kalka to Shimla mountain railway was built by British in 1903, to gain access to its summer capital Shimla. It was also known as the “British Jewel of the Orient”. Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India(1903) has taken the first journey of this train. Because of its breathtaking picturesque views, UNESCO added this railway route as the world heritage site.
It excites passengers as this route goes through 20 railway stations, 103 tunnels, 969 bridges, and an unbelievable 912 curves in its 96 kilometers (60 miles) of the journey. Among the 103 tunnels, 1,143.61m Bagot tunnel is the longest one at Barog. It begins from Shivalik foothills at an elevation of 656m and ends to the altitude of 2075 m at Shimla.
Shivalik Deluxe Express, Rail motor car, and Himalayan Queen are some of the choices of trains available for this route. Shivalik Deluxe Express and Rail motor car are clean and comfortable with food services. Both of these trains stop at only one position that is at Barog. While Himalayan Queen halts at 9 stations, facilitating passengers to snap beautiful pictures as well. These stations are small but have endearing natural scenic beauty.
This journey will leave you with enjoyable and incredible impressions of natural beauty.

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