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Kennedy Club –The recent Indian Tamil language film which hit the theatres last Friday written and directed both by Suseenthiran has failed to make a strong and positive impact on the box office. Despite having so many big known faces, the movie fails to deliver the content in a consumable way. The plot of the movie revolves around women’s empowerment through Suseenthiran failed to make it inspiring and lacks an effective storylining. Kennedy Club which was produced by D. N. Thaisaravanan under the banner of Nallusamy Pictures cast M. Sasikumar as Muruganadam, Bharathiraja, Meenakshi Govindarajan as Meenkash, Soori as Subramani and Murali Sharma as Mukesh Rathore but real stars of the movie is undoubtedly the young girls who belong from a weaker class fought their way through many hurdles and tackles under their coaching of Muruganandam (Sasikumar) an ex-serviceman and senior coach Savarimuthu (Bharathiraja) while competing in a national-level championship forms the story. The girls choose Kabbadi to support their families. Their dream is not only to make it to the national level but also shows a desire for government jobs.The movie got a rating from various websites but none of them was more than 2.5 out of 5 while IMDB rated the film 7.3.The climax scene of Kennedy Club cost 2 crores which happens to the first film of Sasikumar to be filmed at that huge budget. Kennedy Club whose trailer was released on 31st July 2019 who came up to the theatre with a great expectation is exactly 120 minutes long and is mainly based on a sports political thriller movie. Kennedy Club mostly getting positive reviews from the critics and the audience. The soundtrack of the film composed by D. Imman, with lyrics by Viveka energises and increases the level of excitement while watching the girls play having us on the edge of our seats. The most jaw-dropping moment of the film was when the girls flipped the men out of the playing area like a wooden toy. The Kabbadi sequence was decently shot but was becoming predictable as the movie went on, the climax scene has one or two twists but was too seems forced. The Suseenthiran’s second Kabbadi based film has an above-average opening in the Chennai. The film grossed 2.5 crores on the opening day and 3.10 crores on the second day which is not at all a bad feed anyway. Kennedy Club manages to maintain its steady pace at the box office in its first weekend. The movie is receiving a far better response from the audience that is raising the box office figures of Kennedy Club. The performance of M. Sasikumar is getting a great response and collecting positive words of mouth from all over. The acting skills portrayed in the movie are worth all the appreciation. This Tamil film has been compared with CHAK DE INDIA! and DANGAL. The script of the movie could have been better and less confusing.It was hard to detect who was the protagonist and the antagonist of the movie. The only positive thing about the movie was the pretty impressive acting. The climax scene could have been better if it wasn’t so predictable at the end and adding slow-motion scenes at various parts of the movie could have created a more thrilling experience for the audience. For those who love to watch a good entertainment film will surely love the way, the whole script is executed.

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