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Know your body and dress according to them

Know your body and dress according to them


It is really important to know our body type and it is the key factor to determine a woman’s real beauty. There are many kinds of body shapes namely: Pear shape,hourglass, apple shape, rectangle shape and the inverted triangle shape.
The body shape of a person who have a broader shoulder and bigger bust come under this category. The dresses with combinations of dark colors, monochromatic looks with A-line skirts and 3/4th sleeves serves the best outfit for this type of body shape and try to avoid skinny jeans and hugging dresses.
The body shape with narrow shoulders and hip with a broader butt is called as pear shaped body. The best outfits for this kind of body shape are A-line skirts, wide legged pants and ruffled dresses. Avoid loose fitting pants for this body shape.
The most blessed kind of body shape is he hourglass shape which is well-balanced shape. The best outfits for this shape are everything including V-line, plunge neck, sweetheart neckline and boat neck dresses. There is nothing not fit for this body shape.
The body shape with rectangular shape has uniform butt and bust sizes. The best outfits for this body shape are ruffled and layered tops that enhance the arms and legs of the person. The arms and legs are the assets for this body shape and do not wear the overarching dresses.
This shape of body displays a narrower shoulder and more of a athlete look. The best matching outfits for this kinda body shape is the pencil skirts and skinny jeans with a deep V-neck tops. Only thing to remember for this body shape is to have a minimalist work on tops and deep designed and heavy worked bottoms…
Fashion is the statement of each and every person in which they feel comfort and confident and it is our duty to choose the best outfit and accessories to make ourselves perfect.
Common let’s write our style statement!

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