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Life is one big Circus – Circuses in 21st Century


Life is one big circus
Circus – what do we know about it? Yes, it is an ancient form of entertainment where animals are used to perform, but in present-day animals are barred from performing in circus except a few animals like horses and monkeys.
The culture of circus entertainment was very popular in the previous century and a few years of the 21st century. After the animals were debarred to perform in these places, people just started losing their interest in it. The millennials would still remember those golden days of a tiger jumping down the ring under the command of his master and the elephant just showing up to greet the audience with its huge trunk. Recently one of my friends visited a circus in her neighbourhood and she shared her experience about how amazing these artists were on stage. Due to the reduction of popularity in circus entertainment, there is an increase in the number of acts and very less audience. Nevertheless, the artists shine out and amuse their audience with great juggling skills, acrobats, bungee trapeze, balancing, aerial straps, contortion and lot more.
Clowns are the best part of a circus, even when you’re having a sad day, you would laugh out loud seeing these dwarf clowns doing their jobs at their best. Circus has been very famous all over the world and majorly in India, the most common names you might have heard in the shortest streets of India would be RAMBO CIRCUS , AMAR CIRCUS, JUMBO CIRCUS and many more.
The Indian Circuses are a great source of employment to the Negros who come to India in search of work. If you notice, a few of the artists are by default black people and they are very talented in what they do. This industry is on the verge of extinction yet offers a lot of employment to people who are skilled and terrific performers by giving them the stage to perform and earn by it.
Currently, there are around 23 active Indian circuses and due to its low budget there has been immense use of child labour and poor working conditions for both humans and animals. After the Government of India banned the use of animals in 2013 and child performers in circuses, they saw a huge downfall in their economy. The government took a major decision which was integral to animal welfare and has proven to be beneficial to the animal kind as they are no more tortured and played.
Circus has been in the hearts of people for centuries now, and now seeing this industry die just breaks everyone’s heart. In this 21st century of multi-entertainment platforms, people prefer to sit at home and watch Netflix rather than spending Rs. 200 and above to watch a circus. The skills of these artists are electrifying and fantastic, but now there is no concrete platform to express it. There was an era when circuses were a major form of entertainment; it seems it has run its time.

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2 Comments on “Life is one big Circus – Circuses in 21st Century”

  1. That’s true circuses has something different which we all are not able to find out any where spacially in TV and social media .
    I still remember my day when I went to circus . Because of government policies and low interest of viewer circuses are going far away from us

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