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Ever taken away by those fancy Instagram posts of celebs?
Ever longed to look expensive?
Yeahh? Then here you go .
And all before that , you need to understand My Love. Life is about living rather than showing .You instantly become charming and off course “aesthetic” once you wear your “Bright Smile” , “Blazing Confidence” and “Chin Up “even in most tedious of situations.
Trust me when I talk about these three essentials which cannot be found in your wardrobe. They are inexpensive yet so rare.
Add these essentials in your daily life and see your life change for better almost instantly.

Now coming to the less required essentials, known as Wardrobe essentials . Tips that will make you go aesthetic in no time whatsoever!!

Ladies you cannot deny the importance of perfect fit UGs.Ill fit garments just ruin the whole look while the garments hugging you at right places instantly give you that celeb style finish.
You should be aware of what to wear beneath what .Like a black bra under white shirt is a BIG NO NO! If not many have a basic nude and black bra and you are set.

This is number one in my list .You can never go wrong with monochrome. It makes you look stylish, elegant and Oh So Expensive! Too lazy to put effort in your clothes?? Wear a white shirt with white palazzo pants, a nude footwear and yes you are all set to rock that meeting.
Night Party? How about black top and black pants with broad belt and smoky eyes?
Have few nude tops and trousers and skirts along with dark ones create your own look and soon you will be Talk of the Town.

3. Naughty Nudes
One can never go wrong with Nudes. They instantly make one look put together .A nude footwear matching your skin tone can do wonders with your overall appearance. So the essential nudes that you need to have are a pair of nude undergarments, a nude lipshade and a nude pair of footwear.

4.Go Minimalist
Learn to go with minimum both in your looks and your wardrobe. You need not pair up all things at once neither you need to have piles of clothes in your closet.
Be very sober in your attire for that “Aesthetic Look” .A jewellery chunk, either choker or big earrings will be enough to go with a saree, while hoops will do the work at party.
Invest in some basics such as a white shirt, perfect fit denim jeans, a sober saree, a pant suit, one or two monochrome pairs, pearls, statement neckpiece and earrings, mascara and a red and nude lipshade.That will be all to help you with last minute hassle.

Ladies! Fashion is all about being comfortable yet stylish in your own skin . Be trendy but see what suits you. Do not blind follow .Take care of your skin and wellbeing and trust me you will be aesthetic all time.

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