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Love or Attachment


Love or Attachment
You start missing someone, you become possessive for someone, you want that he/she always be with you, you get addicted to her/his talks, you like her/his company, you develop care for her/him, you cannot ever see him/her in relationship with anyone else, you feel that everything that belongs to her/his is yours, you become angry when he/she do not listen to you, you want that howsoever be the condition she/he always choose you, you have to force your partner for something that he/she hesitate to do, you start thinking that you have right on him/her and all other weird feelings arose. Do you think that this is love? If yes, I am sorry you are mistaken, this is not Love but this is just an attachment. So what Love is? Love is when you want her/him to be happy even if you are not, love is to pray for him/her because you do not be able to see him/her in trouble, love is when you compromise, love is when you understand what he/she did not want to do, love is when you manage to be alone if you are not his/her choice but still pray for her/his happiness, love is when you treat her/him as a friend also and share smallest-smallest things with each other, love is to protect his/her dignity at any cost, love is when you do not have to do things forcefully, love is to be patient and to wait, love is when you always smile when you feel his/her presence and not fear, love is when you trust, love is when you respect, love is when you be with him/her in any of the ups and downs, love is when relationship is unforced and free-willed.

To understand what love is, you have an example of your parents, they may live without you if they know that it benefits you, they never leave you in your bad times, they trust you, they protect you and always wants to see your happy. Attachment makes you rude but love will not. In attachment, you won’t be able to see him/her with anyone else even if she/he is happy without you. But in love, you still pray for him/her if she /he doesn’t manage to be with you.

Love is selfless, unconditional, pure, undoubting and unforced. Understand the difference and free yourself if you do not find love in your relationship or develop it.

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