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Dreams indulge us into various emotions,reactions and false circumstances.What if we could control them.It would spice up the sleep time with intrigue.That is called lucid dreaming.It has gained a keen interest in recent days .People found ways to lucid dream because of it’s ability to increase our creativity and lateral thinking.This infact came into consideration only after the invention of tailoring machine.Dating back to 1846 Elias Howe discovered a way to insert the needle with the thread ,making it travel in and out of the clothes.Further many famous personalities like Beethoven,Ramanujam.This boosted the curiosity among peeps.They tried and succeeded in atleast one way to induce lucid dreaming among gamut of ways.One of the interesting way to instigate lucid dreaming is to connect all our dreams that we go through everyday.Obviously we don’t remember all we dreamt .So it is better to write down the dreams we get everyday and obtain connection with all to sort out the actual pathway of our dream.Which when encountered aptly lucid dreaming becomes a cake walk.Coming to the end,you will be the ruler of your dreams.

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