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how many of us have been through depression? Suicide, Nightmares thoughts? Self-harm? Panic Attacks? Anxiety attacks?. I’ve had a fair share waking up to red eyes, wet pillows and headaches. When did that happen? Oh. Everyone has been through something, fought their own demons had their own share of past. I understand I understand that feeling the numbness in your body, the headaches, the tears. You want it to go away, you want someone to take it all away, you think you’re worthless. And that’s when doing things, you look out of windows too long, you pick up the sharpest blades… spill your own blood. But how many scars are you going to watch heal? how many nights are you going to cry yourself to sleep? hide behind the perfect fake smile you’ve mastered?. How long, is this cycle going to continue? You’ll say until the pain goes away, but how can it go away when you’re holding on to it?. So I plead let go. Don’t do things you wouldn’t do. If not for yourself, for someone who loves you.
Mental health, suffering, depression, self-harm is no game and doesn’t always have a happy ending. As another year passes by I’d like to say its OKAY to do things, to cry, to do stuff but think about it… you always have people who’d be ready to listen, there’s always someone just a call away. Don’t ever think you’re not worth it or it’s embarrassing to talk about it to someone. We’re humans, we’re supposed to feel this. All of this is what makes us humane. But you have to talk and once you do it’ll all be okay all you have to do is try. Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression are not solutions talking to someone is. And you’re not weak if you ask for help you’re strong, strong enough to let someone in. So I request, I plead if you see symptoms in anyone around you… old, young, stranger ASK, TALK. Depression and self-harm should be treated with love and care which all of us deserve.
We as humans characterize happiness as attainment or a goal but we tend to forget that it’s not in the attainment it’s a process, its a feeling. You cannot depend on something for your happiness you need to find it within yourself, there is nothing better than a mentally happy human and believe me its possible for everyone. You just need to look deeper into yourself and find what makes you content. This feeling then acts as a catalyst for the solutions of the problems you’ve been rambling about. Obviously to be happy you need to face whatever that is stopping you from being happy. If its the past or guilt. Getting a closure not only from the relationship but the mesh of thoughts inside yourself is essential. You cannot run away forever expecting time will heal all your problems, your problems will only find solutions when you look for solutions and not depend on people or time. Time cannot help until you’ve accepted and faced your fears. You cannot expect people to be perfect, you cannot blame humans for inflicting what you’re going through because no one can control what’s within you, but you. ” Happiness is in the composition not in the attainment “

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