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Milk and Honey


Milk and Honey- Rupi Kaur
The book is a collection of poems, which represents life on various stages. It portrays a woman’s social and personal integration in the society. The theme of trauma, sexual assault, betrayal and healing creates a classic blend of circle of life. It includes repressed childhood of a girl child, her standard of love and her approach towards seeking individuality. The book motivates a woman in becoming more than just a body and, discovering self throughout a process of breaking and healing.
The society has defined certain norms for both the sexes. Writer has taken upon herself to take a deeper look into those norms that defines a woman. Whether it is the role of a mother, a lover, or a daughter, a woman is seen from the perspective of a male. In the book a male is shown as someone who looks at a woman for her body and not her soul. The book is inclined towards feminism, but it does not speak about equality. Rather the base of the book is victimization of women and her process of healing in solitude. The book states that a woman can find her identity only when she separates herself from her male identity. She is more than a symbol of beauty, she is intelligent, extraordinary and resilient.
The writer gave this book a tragic stance representing society and relationships in their most secular forms. Woman is either an asset or a liability and nothing else, but as the book progresses the reader can connect to it because of its realistic approach towards life. It gives a glimpse of tainted childhood of a girl and how that affects the grown up women. Her exceeding need of approval and the illusion of love that she creates for herself defines her life and goals.
The book is a satire on society; it mocks the society for its selfishness. The male cannot express himself as a father, he is unable to show affection towards the loved ones and as a lover he is more inclined towards taking then giving. He seeks body but not soul, but the emptiness consumes him. Thus he is tangled in a web of uncertainty, lifelessness and responsibilities.
Rupi Kaur focuses on the emotions while writing the book. It is more like a personal diary that represents those truths that we are all aware of but still prefers to put a curtain over it. Its major drawback is that, it does not flip the coin rather tells one side of the story. The most powerful thing it talks about is accepting oneself and solitary life. The repressed emotions are put out in the open for the readers to feel them and accept them as a part of life. Thus the book is a personal diary of vibrant emotions and self-discovery of a woman.
Nishtha Luthra

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5 Comments on “Milk and Honey”

  1. Well done Nishta. You have expressed it artistically. The content is scholarly and significant. The review will certainly adorn your corpus. I am proud to have taught a student like you. Well done

  2. Very well written. It gives an apt glimpse of what writer is looking to express and very well articulates the theme of the book.

  3. Beautifully written Nishtha luthra.This is truth which is expressed here.Really loved it.Keep the hardwork going.The part which i like the most is that,” The book is a satire on society; it mocks the society for its selfishness”.As there is a need to mock the society.

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