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Savings are always backbreaking after spending. It’s better to squeeze your amount of spending, with no less quantity. Your savings will be automatically stretched. Sounds unattainable right? No, it’s not hopeless to save your money while shopping the same amount of things via discount coupons, deals, sales, etc. You should be grateful to free market capitalisation, which offers us a broad range of products with broad range of shopping offers at any time. Look at your own distraction towards these trendy discount deals and coupons. If you want to buy a shirt from Flipkart, then you will be distracted more towards sales and discounts. There is an offer, Buy 2 Get 1 shirt free, then you will definitely buy 2 shirts instead of only 1. These are the common distraction these days which do not save money in actual.
There are many money saving shopping offers.

1.Exchange offers

iPhone 6 Rs.33,990
Exchange offer is a next generation offer or we can say, revised barter system which is being trendy among all the sellers and buyers. People preserve the old things in order to attain the best value out of it in future. The idea is very basic. Any consumer who brings an old product of any brand in any condition, then he will get flat Rs.4000 off as per the above mentioned example. It has been realised that this offer is very crowd pleasing as consumers felt that they are saving money with this offer as well as selling their old product. Elevate yourself with exchange. Consumers have been enveloped with these exchange offers as these are wide spread all over the world. A consumer can get exchange offer anywhere, not only in offline shopping stores but also on online shopping portals.

2. Coupon deals

Get upto Rs.200 cashback on booking movie tickets
Coupon code:- DJ YY MM 200
Valid till 30th August’19
Coupon deals have trapped almost all the buyers and sellers, hardly any brand left who does not use Coupon Marketing Strategy for increasing their sales. The most usual examples of coupons can be found on Zomato, Swiggy, Paytm, phonepe, etc. These coupons has blinded the customers to buy the unnecessary products which they don’t need but still buy in order to get the extra benefit from the
coupon. It only uphills the consumer’s expenses instead of saving from shopping. It only benefits the real consumers who wants to buy the particular product.

3. Sale
Sales are multifold and create a sense of Urgency in order to buy the products. Let’s unfold those kind of sales.
• Seasonal Sale

Flat 50% off on Summer collection
15th February- 30th March
• Festive Sale

Diwali Shopping kro on,
With deals that are full on.
Upto 70% off
October 1st – 7th

• Weekend Sale

Flat 50% on all the footwears
20th July’19- 21st July’19

• Stock Clearance Sale

Open box stock clearance sale
Savings upto 50%
10% cashback on purchases more than 1999
1st August’19 – 30th August’19
(Vijay Sales)

The above given examples are the most usual examples of sales, which can maximize the savings of consumers. This is not always true. Shocked? Yes. These kind of savings not always maximize your savings. A consumer has squeezed choice for purchasing the goods as the brands offers these discounts mostly on leftover products. It also attracts the new consumers who wants to try the particular good. Nowadays most of the brands use these sales in order to hike the footfalls to their stores or portals. Many times these sales have proven to be beneficial also as the consumer’s who can not purchase expensive goods would always wait for these kind of sales in order to buy pocket friendly good.
3. Delivery offers

Order till 20th July’19
And get free Delivery

Nowadays people do not have much time to visit the stores for shopping, so they always search for the desired product online. Free Delivery offer is a latest Marketing Strategy which is not so beneficial for the consumers as delivery charges does not cost much. But it still creates a thin line between your product price and others. A consumer will always go for the lesser price, no matter, if it is only 5%. You can get this kind of offer mostly on food delivery apps and online shopping apps. It is only restricted to online service provider portals. Amazon has first introduced this marketing strategy which has been resulted in wide increase in revenue and sales.

4. Free Product offer

Buy 1 T shirt Get 1 T shirt free
Till 30th August’19
(Jack & Jones)

A consumer can find this offer almost 365days as it is not beneficial because the retailers include the amount of two t shirts in one only. Earlier this offer took most of the consumers to the way of happiness for saving such a big amount. But later on they get to know the reality behind this. No retailer can eat the cost of products himself because it will take him to the room of loses. A consumer has become brainy enough to get the best offer which actually benefits them.

Small cuttings can make big savings

Sometimes these offers can also lead to loses to consumers. It depends upon consumers to be supersmart enough to get the best deals and increase their savings.

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