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Music -A feel of emotions


Music…. What is music everyone have different perception about it…. Some used to listen it for entertainment ,some listen when they are feeling bad or hurt….. But basically music is what which connect your heart and soul… Which help you to feel the emotion …. Music is an art or form of expressing emotions through sounds or harmonic frequency… When we listen music we forget most of our pain just because music hit our heart we feel it.As once Beethoven said ” music can change the world “. Music can heal your mind connect your heart and soul. Without words music can bring your laughter,fears,feelings of love . By music we can feel and express too. some People listen music according to their present mood.. If they are happy they listen party songs, if they are in love they listen romantic songs. Everyone love music there is no one who will ever say that I hate listening music…but everyone have different perception and taste…. Listening a soothing music is help to make your heart light or free from any burden or stress.. As Bob Marley said that” one thing is good about music when it hit you , you feel no pain” as someone said where words fail music speaks…. Music speaks and express emotion and help others to feel what the person wants to tell. Listen music feel it understand it and express it.. Music is a feel of emotions!

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