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Music and Mind

Music and Mind


Music… The word itself is so relaxing. When you sound from any instrument especially stringed instruments, you feel so relaxed. The psychology says along with human beings, animals and birds too respond to music. Even plants
can listen every sound. A survey says the plants which are exposed to music grow quicker than the plants which are not.
Music makes mind relax. There was a famous quote which is being used by youngsters often. It goes on like this “I love music because it is the only thing that hasn’t walked away from me when I needed it the most”. When you have a heart break, you probably listen to music. When you fall in love, you like to listen songs. We need music in every situation. Music repairs a heart. It gives a good feeling. I can say clearly that no one in this world hate music. Music has a great impact on emotions,memory, learning and neuroplasticity. When your mood is off, then listen to music. It will lift up your mood.
Let us see how music impacts:
A research indicates that music impacts emotions through special circuits in the brain. We can easily see how music and mood are related. For example, when a child smiles and starts dancing to a rhythm. Music connects parents and children too. When a mother sings lullaby to her infant, it responds to her song. This is probably one of the most significant bonding experience between people you will ever witness.
Imagine a old man whose ears are dropping to his chest in an unconscious situation. His name is Henry and he is disconnected to his world because of Alzheimer’s. One of his cate takers in the nursing home asked his family about the music Henry used to listen when he was alright. Then with the help of that music, Henry again gained his consciousness and got reconnected to his world.
3) Learning and neuroplasticity
There are many kinds of music that relaxes the mind and help us to learn efficiently.
Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to recognize itself by forming new neural connections throughout the life. And can be greatly effected by the harmony of music. According to “Neuroplasticity allows the neurons in the brain to compensate for injury and disease to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to change in their environment”. To further clarify, when our brain is damaged, it finds new pathways to get healed through neuroplasticity. Amazingly, music helps to create these new pathways.
In conclusion, I can say that “Music repairs one’s mind”.

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