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Must watch : Korean dramas


With the current trend of foreign music slowly encroaching international music taking over, people are becoming more receptive to trying out new ventures of the international aspect. Recently, Korean music is making waves through the industry, namely via a group named BTS. This made people more aware of Korean media and more receptive to it too. A lot of individuals have started to wander into watching the movies and dramas made in Korea.
Korean dramas, k-dramas for short, are known for their unique out-of-the-box ideas. With genres ranging from romantic comedies to mystery thrillers to historic fiction, these dramas are often quite different from each other, meaning that there is a new concept every time. Some of the stories may be just simple romances or there might even be those that keep you on the edge of your seat. Below are some k-dramas to try watching:
1) Healer (Genre: Action/Thriller)
This tells the story of three different individuals brought together in a unique way to solve an old case. An old murder investigation makes a famous journalist approach the people related to the case together in order to solve it. Along the way, he joins with a second rate journalist and a mysterious errand man, a “secret spy” of sorts, possessing extra-ordinary skills. Along the process, the latter two grow into honest reporters, dealing with the conflicts thrown at them.
2) W (Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Suspense)
This series gained critical acclaim due to its unique plot. Depicting the love story different two people, what makes this different from the average romance is the fact that the two live in different worlds. The girl is a surgeon in our current world, whereas the boy is extremely rich but exists in the world of webtoons, Korean online comics. A situation arises which often puts the both of them in grave danger while trying to solve it.
3) Goblin: The great and lonely God (Genre: Fantasy/Drama)
Based on loosely on Korean mythology, Goblin tells the story of a man cursed to be immortal due to the jealousy of another. Doomed to live for so long, he can only wait for his human bride to show, the only one who can free him from his curse. This introduces a young high school student, a girl equally plagued by various events. Still trying to hold onto to a positive outlook, the girl comes across the goblin. They soon discover that they are tied in various ways, making friends with various other people and beings along the way, including a grim reaper.
4) While you were sleeping (Genre: Fantasy/Thriller/Legal)
Coupled with an almost supernatural feel, While you were sleeping depicts the life of a female lawyer who always dreams at night. Only difference is that these dreams do come true but she never knows when it might come true. These dreams seem to always be in the future. However, the grim truth is that most of these dreams depict the death of others so she always tries to prevent them. One day, she dreams about the death of her mother.
5) I am not a robot (Genre: Romantic Comedy/Sci-Fi)
A young successful business tycoon lives in selected isolation. This is due to a severe allergy which causes him to break out into rashes and suffocation every time he comes into contact with another human being. He prefers the company of robots and hence purchases a humanoid robot developed by a group of scientists that he heavily invested in. However, before delivery, the robot faces severe malfunction and hence all plans go awry. The scientist, the master mind behind the robot, approaches his ex-girlfriend, the very muse for the robot, to take its place, promising to pay her for her troubles.
6) Memories of Allhambra (Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Suspense)
This series brings with it a completely unique story idea, receiving a lot of praise. After receiving a mail at night about a marvellous AR game, the president of a gaming company travels to Granada, Spain to meet the creator of the game in order to purchase it. However, the creator is missing and instead, he finds the creators sister. The president spends his time in Spain searching for the missing creator while playing the game and stumbling across mysterious situations. Soon, the line between reality and AR gets blurred and grave and dangerous incidents begin to occur.
7) Mr Temporary/ Class of Lies (Genre: Drama)
Plagued by a case that causes him to temporarily lose his license and get barred, a lawyer poses as a temporary teacher and enters a school in order to solve the mystery and find the truth behind a murder of one of the female students. While in the school, he discovers that there are a lot more secrets and a much more sinister plot at play at the prestigious school. He soon races against time to find out the mastermind and unravel the mystery, before he has to return to being a lawyer and is hence restricted.
All of the above dramas above are available for view across various platforms, equipped with English subtitles. The most helpful of these would ne the Viki app, which often streams old and currently on-going dramas with subtitles in various languages. Watching Korean dramas is sure to blow your mind away with the dedication and unique story-telling that just reels the viewers in, keeping them on the edge of their seats or going crazy over the plots. Go ahead, take your pick and make yourself comfortable.

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