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Netflix the T’s trend

Netflix the T’s trend


Netflix The T’s Trend
Overview of this article:
 Brief on title
 What is Netflix
 Popularity
 What Netflix provides
 Unique features
 Categories
 Free trail service
 Audio changing settings
 Search engine
 Description
 New releases
 Downloading
 Ratings
 Top series
 Summary

Brief on title:
The title of this article has a very interesting idea behind it i.e. Netflix is a trend for toddlers, teens and the ty’s ( the age group twenty , thirty , forty and so on). It a very fascinating pass time for all the age groups.
What is Netflix?
It is an American media-services provider and a production company, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scott’s valley, California. This company provides subscription based services like films, TV shows and also its original series.
It provides huge options of movies, TV shows and also the Netflix original series. All these are based on language, genres (dramas, thrillers, crime, horror, sports etc.) and preferences set by the customer.
Popularity :
As mentioned in this article Netflix was founded in 1997. Its headquarter is situated in Los Gatos, California. Even after being found long ago Netflix was not known by many. It almost took 20 years to be popular enough throughout the world. There are many reasons for its standstill.
As of April 2019, Netflix had over 148 million paid subscribers throughout the world, including 60 million in the United states, and over 154 million subscriptions including the free trials. From this data we can clearly know that Netflix is a very popular mobile application throughout the world.

What Netflix provides:
Netflix provides the best movies in many languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali and many regional languages. It also provides the best movie shows and Netflix original series like Friends , Stranger Things, Sacred Games, Typewriter and so on. This is very trending amongst all the age groups as it has categories based on age groups as an instance age 8 to 10 has movies and TV series like Disney Moana , Tangled, Angry Birds etc.
Unique features:
 Categories

The best thing about Netflix it has many categories which allows the customers to select and watch the movies or shows they like. Firstly it has category like
 All
 Series
 Films
 My list
According to our preferences we can select whatever category we like. If we select the category all it shows the best and trending movies and series.
o When we select series it displays even more categories like popular, trending, Netflix originals, top picks, comedy programs, kids’ TV, TV cartoons etc.
o When we select films as a category it displays recently added, trending now, Indian films, New releases, Crime and Thrillers, US movies etc.
o My list is a unique feature where you can add the movies and shows we wish to like.

 Free trail service

Netflix provides a free month service to its customers based on the type of pack chosen. This feature is a stand out amongst all the other web based online apps.

 Audio changing settings

As an instance if the movie or show we wish to watch is in English and the customer wants to watch the same in other languages, the settings will allow us to watch the same movie with the audio preferences we like.

 Search engine

Netflix has a unique search engine which allows the customers to search wherever they want watch. Not only this but its search engine also shows the most popular searches. From these most popular searches the customers can find what they want to watch.

 Description

There is a description column where the customer gets complete information about the movie or series, starring and creators. The customer gets information on what the movie or series is about, the film stars who have been the part of that movie or series and the people who created it.

 New releases

Netflix provides the new releases of movies and series which makes it a very popular app for customers. The best and new content is always available for its customers. If it is a series based on a particular time interval the new episodes are released.

 Downloading

The customer can download any movie or show on Netflix and watch it anywhere and anytime offline. This feature allows the customer to watch a movie or show without internet connection. This feature is the best if the customer is travelling or if the customer is running out of time.

 Ratings

Customers have the privilege of choosing what they want to watch. This might be a little confusing as there are many options available. The ratings help customers to watch the best and high rated movies or shows.

Top series :
The achievements are very helpful in analysing the growth and progress of a firm. Netflix is very popular for the series it provides. These series are very different and unique from each other. The top series on Netflix are as follows:
1. Stranger Things
2. Black Mirror
3. Orange Is The New Black
4. BoJack Horseman
5. Space Force
6. The crown
7. House Of Cards
8. 13 reasons why
9. Sacred games
10. Typewriter

Netflix is one of the best app for customers to watch movies and series. Being in such a competitive world amongst many other apps Netflix has made it’s own benchmark. It is the best app for entertainment and pass time, name it and Netflix has all the best features which makes it very reliable and the most popular throughout the world.
Standing out amongst the crowd is a big deal and Netflix has been emerging as the best amongst the rest. Its many unique features as mentioned above in the article are the best standout features provided by Netflix. Netflix is continuously working on to add many more features which attracts many more customers to make it the level best.

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