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One out of 7 billion

One out of 7 billion


That one out of 7 billion
According to research today we are family of 7 billion people in this world, and you yes, you who is reading this is special from that 7B figure. Never think that everyone here loves you. Everyone was born with different passion and interests. You have yours, so why to look at someone’s passion and try to copy it, you love cars instead of fixing cars, building cars, Design cars. You try to follow a singing career just because Singer has millions of followers. She/he is popular worldwide.
Let me tell you, they were nothing before they did a lot of hard work. Because of the consistent hard work they have got the results. Same rules apply to you, you were born with different skills and you should only follow your passion what you love. You are all alone in your journey people will come in your life like a simple lifeline. They will just tell you the right way, the hard work required has to be done by you, so one thing you should do from now stop depending on others because it is poison. You are feeding poison to yourself by your hands, this would help you a lot will make you the real you, big things never come from the comfort zone, and one has to step out from that, nowadays people are Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers, Digital marketers and many more. Rather than becoming an engineer or doctor because they knew that if they become the part of the dog eat dog environment. Then they will be nothing in this world, they did what they loved to do, they had that guts in them that believe that I can do anything in this world, you’re the one out of 7B who can change this world, who can create something that no one ever did
You can even bring evolution, time is changed. Nowadays you have the biggest platform ever that is social media you can showcase your talent, your creativity, your uniqueness. You will face the most difficult phase of your life that is orthodox mindsets around you, here I mean your parents. If you want to become creator, you are going to do something different. That no has ever done, then these mindsets will hunt you down, they are going to say that your content is worthless, it is stupid, they will try to destroy your guts anyway. Once you stop believing in you in, in your creativity, from that second you are going to be worthless and that’s, where you be a part of a dog, eat dog environment. You should always believe in yourself and never lose hope to keep consistency in your work, and you should have guts to do new things and to face this 7B world and always trust your gut. Your brain can be fooled and your heart is a stupid idiot, but your gut can never lie. You are the one out of 7 billion, that one who has the power to bring and revolution.

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