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In this fast moving world, all are least bothered about their health.They work very hard for money and hoard them as much as possible.In this journey of life they forget about their health .One who takes care of his material body and subtle body is actually healthy mentally,physically and socially.Nowadays we are engaged throughout the day and night with negligence.Living our life by conforming to organ cycle leads us to a harmonious and peaceful state inner consciousness.But many are not aware of this organ cycle.In a nutshell,we have 12 main organs which works effectively for 2 hours each, thus making it 24 hours a day.Each organ has it’s specified time .For their proper functioning we have to rest them and keep them under working condition accordingly.In recent days cases for constipation have been spawning.This may be due to various reasons like not abiding to organ cycle or buffet system in marriage fuctions.When we intake food while standing it doesn’t digest the food completely.Hoping for a matured healthy society.

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