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People make places more beautiful.


People make places more beautiful.

When you miss a place so bad, you just don’t miss the place but you miss the people as well, you miss everything that made everything seem so beautiful yet so unknown. You carry everything in your heart. Everything that you thought should have lasted forever. Sadly Everything comes to an end. Nothing is eternal. That’s life isn’t it ? For me travelling has made me look beyond the boundaries of my home, pursuing my hobbies and meeting new people. Sometimes life is in a rush and sometimes it’s like a snail with no movement. Slow and delusional.
For me Leaving home always means leaving with your feet, never with your heart. We all had our times and we might as well have them in future as well. When we wanted to stop living, when we wanted to give up on things. When all we wished was just to end our lives not fearing death. But something stopped us, Something bothered us, Something gave us the light in the darkness which came upon us. Was it a person? Was it god? Or was it some advice that someone gave us? I feel it was nothing but us. Us realizing that sufferings are meant to be there. We are meant to feel pain and get cured, we realize what I and you mean in each of our lives.
Do you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel or are you still walking with no hope?
We should learn to have hope and Learn to love ourselves first because there will be a beam of light at the end of the tunnel no matter what happens.
These are the emotions which I have put into words, Yet they come to me when I am busy clicking shots here and there. Whether I am looking at the sky, the moon, flowers, people or animals. I wonder to myself, if life will always be this meaningfull or will life just remain in pictures of my camera roll.

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