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Pick your look – Selena Gomez


The exceptional beauty for me Selena Gomez. We are in 2019 and still, I can’t forget her character of Alex from the Wizard of Waverly Place, the Disney TV Series.
I religiously follow her, what she wears, how she carries herself, what style she picked up for the last concert.
She is in the list of some of the celebrities which you and I can follow effortlessly. The style she picks is easy to carry for a summer date, for a family get together, for your friend house party, or your breakup party and so on.
Let’s start with black, one shade darker
I love black colour. All the colour merge and makes this perfect colour black.
Your college crush had invited you for his night party and you just want to look hot hotter and hottest for him. With no doubt go for a fitted black dress which reveals your curvy curves. Don’t try maxi or any floral designs. You can go to any black dress which you like to carry whether it is short or long with laces or without laces, but this one is my personal favourite.
Perfect night party look for you
Messy curly hair.
A black dress prefers short one and red heels.
A little bit of mascara.
I prefer nude lipstick because I don’t want to look like a Vampire.
And complete your look with a decent perfume.
Denim is never out of fashion, Blue is noiseless.
Who not love denim? I love them and sure you also love them. They never go out of fashion so it’s better to invest in them. Forever21 denim jackets and floral skirts are perfect combinations for me. You can make your perfect combination and can share with me in the comments.
My favourite look.
Denim Shirt prefer washed denim shirt.
Floral Skirt.
White Sneakers.
Pink Blush and you
A sporty look is what you can make most out of.
Maybe you don’t play rugby, baseball, basketball, golf, and any other sports. But it doesn’t mean you can’t try out the sporty look. It’s your second day in college and as always confused, what to wear are ready for the lunch date.
So, if you are a born fashionista you can try out Nike tennis skirt, tennis shoes they are just beyond awesome and at the same time pretty too.
Selena looks always classy and beautiful in every attire these were some of my personal favourite which we girls can try out. You can share your personal favourite looks of her in the comments below.
Fashion is what makes you the real you. It is not always necessary to be unique, it’s all about being yourself.
This was my first post and every week I am going to share some lookbooks with you.
You can see her looks on Instagram.
Comment below whatever you liked or disliked. Share your fashion ideas with me I will love to hear them.

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