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Play with your own colors


People always gain opportunities and success in their respective field. One always wants to move forward within the colors of what he likes. Once they start doing what they want, that task might be hard but they enjoy and are proud of what they are doing and living for, irrespective of hardship and money they earn.
This is same as what respective people say ‘Deepika Padukone would not be this famous actress if her father had forced her to only be an athlete, neither there would be Sachin Tendulkar if his parents have forced him to study hard and become either an engineer or a doctor only.
Whenever a director directs any of his/her movies, the treat it as if that is their last movie to direct.
Even there can be just one movie a director directs; they want to direct it in their own color irrespective of movie resulting in a blockbuster or a flop.
So, live your life, be happy and do what you want to, achieve what you want to, pursue what you want to.
Play your colors so that later there would not be any regret of not able to do what you want to. Most importantly- love yourself

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