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sometimes a ” T.V. show ” shouldn’t be continue after season one and there are plenty of reasons for it:
1. storyline and plot completely destroy after season one.
2. After the main season audience getting bored because main story is always covered in season one.
In this we are mainly talking about season three of ’13 reasons why’. just like season two, season three also making no sense to the audience and in this season most of the things happen strangely like: sudden entry of Ani’s and all just become her friends literally everyone. and after that all reasons revolving around Ani and she is become a part of everyone story. how a whole story change and a strange girl become a Important part of it.
we can not neglect that in this reason we also find that the story writer stretching the ridiculous issues for example: Tony family was deported but this issue stretched till 6 episode.
according to this they don’t have to continue the season 4 because it become completely useless to the audience just like season 2 and 3.

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