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Right time to be in Relationship

Right time to be in Relationship


This article is especially for teenager and college students. This article for singles.
We are in a such age, where lots of things can be happened with us unexpectedly, every thing has their own flavor, feelings. In such manner relationships are very common now days, even a small age child are falling in love but even they are not mature to understand these things, So what we can expect from youth ? youth is little crazy about relationship too, but it is a filmy/self-made fact that without having a relationship life is dull, like incomplete so most of people want be in relationship and explore life more, and this is not wrong thing, but it very wrong to ignore self-conditions of life and be in hurry to be in relationship.There is a future ahead, and we have to go in such a long way but if we blindly fall in love with someone, in most of cases it will simply destroy your life and career. It can throw you behind the the age, it can create tough situations in your minds if your relationship is going to end somehow, then you may very immature to handle these situation, that happens in most of the cases. There are many strong possibilities that you can go in wrong directions, at the same time you have less hope to see a meaning of life. I passed from that way, So I’m giving you some tips that may be helpful to find your true relationship.
before going in a relationship remember these tips:-
1) famous line is “Love is not done love becomes”, it is filmy and actually now these days we are following it, we shouldn’t be in hurry.
2) Are you want to achieve something in life ?, Then it is very good to go straight forward , and I’m damn sure one day a very perfect one will meet to you in your path at right time. Don’t think much to get in a relationship because of seeing that other guys who are already in a relationship, enjoying their life, I can assure that it is half true.
3) Don’t take relationship too serious until you become a successful person in life, or be settled in life.
4) Are you a shy person, vanish it and always try to communicate to every person that is good one, whether it is girl or boy, shyness is very worst ever when you want to go in good relationship.
5) Are you feeling sometime sad that you are not in relationship, it is your minds typical state, just vanish it and think always that whole universe is yours and you have also a best friend in yourself.
6)The right time of efforts for relationship is after settled in life, but again don’t be in hurry after that.
7) Never try to be in relationship with help of friends,that will be worst one. A strong relationship only can be formed by you and your soulmate.
8) Try to be simple, matured with mind in life to see complexity of life, thus you can find best one soulmate or a flexible soulmate that you can make best one.
and so on…..

written by Raviraj Kushwaha

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