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Royalty of India

Royalty of India


India is all about culture,customs and royalty. India is rich in every aspect be it traditional practices or be it customary practices something which is common in india is royalty.In every region of India there are so many families whose ancestors were king or they have royal blood.
Royalty is something which was very common in India before east india company arrive . But some of the royalties are still following their cultures and still enjoying their powers. Jaipur is mainly famous for its art&craft,culture and royalty and many rajgharanas are still following their customs very seriously .I am posting a picture of one of the family of one of the most famous king of jaipur who is also known as the founder of jaipur. Family of Raja sawai mansingh. This picture belongs to one of the most celebrated festival in India is Holika pujan and the present king of jaipur is Raja padmanabh singh with his family he is currently the crown prince of jaipur and the most eligible bachelor of jaipur. This famliy follows the rajputi culture because they are rajputs , Rajasthan was earlier called Rajputana because it established by rajputs and later its name changed to Rajasthan, Jaipur is also called pink city because old jaipur is painted all pink by the orders of the king and it extremely rich in culture and heritage and most of the most famous tourist spot in rajasthan. In 2019 UNESCO took the charge from central govt. of India to take care of the tourist spots of the Jaipur.

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