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SATISFACTION… is all what we long for


SATISFACTION… is all we long for

Whenever I think what I want in life I know what I actually want at least for now. But sometimes I feel that its all worth less.
You want to be famous, you feel that people should know you but whereas the truth is people remember you only for their needs. Once their needs are fulfilled people forget you very easily.
You want to be rich and earn money to fulfill all your and your mom’s dreams. But ultimately you are striving for a paper which made human worthless…
Why should you try to change something when you ultimately know that every change is temporary?
But just as a coin has two sides so has my thought. Suddenly something reminds you of the daisy who tried and did everything possible to save the lark. although it knew it can’t save the bird it still tried.
Its better to try and fail rather than not even trying.
At least at the end you will have the satisfaction of giving your best shot.
And after all what does a human really live and crave for?
Do whatever satisfies you.

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