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Seychelles’ Seashores – A Surfer’s Eden

Seychelles’ Seashores – A Surfer’s Eden


Seychelles, a tropical paradise in the form of a magnificent archipelago resting in the Indian Ocean, is known the world over as a wedding and honeymoon destination ever since it came under the radar of a few celebrities who were looking for some tranquility in nature, away from the paparazzi. The vibrant culture and heritage, the gusto and joy with which the locals celebrate each and every festival, the exotic flora and fauna. Seychelles truly is a colorful mosaic of attractions with something for everyone.

Being an island destination, Seychelles is undoubtedly famous for its pristine beaches which provide all of nature’s beauty and none of its elemental wrath, at least not during peak season. There are three islands in particular renowned for their beautiful beaches, namely Praslin, La Digue and Mahé. Feeling sun rays gently caressing one’s body under the striped shade of palm leaves, the pleasant sensation that courses through the body after burying one’s toes in the sand, these awe-inspiring beaches provide all this and more.

Beaches at Praslin host a lush growth of palm-fringed beaches as well as a natural boundary of granite boulders, such as Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. With an exposed reef break, negligible crowds and northwest swells, summers are the best time to hit the water and shoot some tubes. A perfect spot for a solo traveller to sit down and take in the vastness of the ocean, for a couple to watch the sun slowly descend below the horizon, for a family to build sandcastles while waves gently roll onto the shore, or to summarize, an ideal destination to find happiness.

One of the prominent beaches at La Digue, the Anse Source d’Argent, is breathtakingly beautiful. With dazzling-white sand under one’s feet, the pleasant emerald shade of waves lapping nearby and a gorgeous sunset almost every day, given the island’s orientation to the west, La Digue seems to have been blessed with what can only be described as divine beauty. Since Anse Source d’Argent virtually disappears during high tides and is too shallow to swim in during low tides, La Digue might have what adrenaline junkies with talent on a board are always looking for.

The largest island in this archipelago is Mahé which has, apart from its various attractions such as the capital city of Victoria and the Creole Institute as well as other sites which preserve the cultural heritage of Seychelles, a few equally beautiful beaches that match the likes of La Digue and Praslin. One of these, called Anse Baleine, is a small beach which is often found deserted. Facing the south-east, its calm waves and soft sand provide a sense of tranquility rarely found in life. Paddling a few meters away from the coast will lead surfers to long and barrelling waves which break off the reef, providing an ideal location for surfing.
Breathtakingly beautiful islands, rich cultural heritage and numerous spots for catching perfect waves. Considering all that it offers, the nation’s tagline “The Seychelles Experience” seems to say it all. This destination is truly is an experience unlike any other.

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