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short story .The journey of love


At the age when don’t even know the meaning of love, I was in a relationship with a person who comes everyday to my school for seeing me, to talk to me, I thought that was love and started seeing him and talking to me. It was good for a few months and after completing the schooling, I was shifted to a girl’s hostel for my education. After a few months I came to know that he was seeing an other girl of my school. After suffering for a few months and undergoing lots of pain, came to understand that it’s not love but something else. Then I realized and started seeing world from a different view. Everything was very different from before,if anyone person comes near me or stares at me it really make me laugh out loud and I just walk away from them. After that I never thought of coming into a relationship. l started enjoying life and made a group of friends, discussions with them, arguments, weird conversations, fightings, understandings, what not. In this I found me, found the real me. Now many people think that I am bold but reality is that I’m not fake. Many people come with a proposal of being in a relationship but our heart wait for the person who will be same as our soul, who lifts us up, who make us smile, who make us cry, who make us laugh and who finds the real us and loves the inner us. Even i found the same one. We are friends at first and we used have all the things together and at the end I proposed him and we are together now. Love makes life live.

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