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Short Story – Wandering thoughts


From the windows of memories, thoughts are peeping into the room of imaginations. Some are colourful while others are dark shadows. Life has no meaning if a person doesn’t have a thought; don’t have any fantasy towards any platform; or doesn’t imagine anything. These are the thoughts which make a person develop certain skills. Infact, thoughts are the ultimate way to success and finally to happiness. Different people have different thoughts. Some thinks about getting a job, some has to build up his skills, some has to pursue his dreams and the other has to make his family happy. There is an ocean of thoughts in which a person is like a lost island floating passively in it. Some are able to shape their thoughts while other hide them in a lonely corner of their hearts. Life is too short to be doubtful………make every moment count and express every nutshell feeling of your heart whether it is acceptable to the world or not.

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