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Small hands with huge dreams


India, the land spices, the land of mountains and beaches equally beautiful, the land of languages and above all the land of Indians .
India is a multi religious, multi lingual and multi cultural land , India is said to announce to the world the pattern of ‘Unity in Diversity’ with a vast variety in traditions , customs, language, lifestyle India has its citizens united and all together known as Indians. In this unity , India has been many time highlighted in Sociological issues for its caste differences which cured with changing time. Still one of the major differences occurring is the class difference the upper class that is the most facilitated class, then the middle class with moderately fine facilities and later the lower class the exceptionally struggling class. Ever seen kids wondering here and there, with torn dirty clothes on their body still a lot of dreams in their eyes. People say money is not everything but ask those kids money is major thing for them . I’ve always seen the elite class enjoying facilities, having fun but rarely have seen these people supporting the needy kids . Kids are said to be a part of God still the elite class is always found treating them like the most unwanted creatures sometimes even worse than the animals . The parents of such kids push them to beg to move to people and ask for money and necessity rather providing them with education. The government schools and all the facilities provided by government are being misused with least students even after free of cost education the schools run vacant all day long . The teachers teaching in these government schools are the one enjoying free salaries with minimum work they don’t even bother to go to school and are simply playing with the future of the nation. Can you imagine your child uneducated struggling for livelihood in future ? No ! Then how can you see and simply ignore such innocent champs. As mothers are of all likewise children are also of everyone they don’t just belong to their mother and father . United Nation’s survey states that India is the land where 30% of very poor children exist. The second most populous country still existing with a high illiteracy rate. Education is still one of the major issues another is hunger and other resources for which they are struggling before their 5th birthday a considerable percentage of children die due to insufficient necessary resources. Child labour, malnutrition, child marriage are still the issues that take me to think and work on a level for them to what I can . Instead of playing carefree they work carry weights on their shoulders and still don’t get a single penny for their work. Working day and night may it be summers, winters or monsoon the nation is losing almost 35% childhood of the total children existing.

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