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Space race


By experience , we could postulate that our journey of life is a bit intricate with power and pride winning them all.When this was the case, US and USSR(Russia) were in a conflict during the cold war which boosted the technological need in cosmic space.So obviously the result would be the source of power that gives them pride.All started there.Seeing the success of russian rockets like Soyuz , Apollo missions were aimed to continuously achieve greater goals than it’s foe.Subsequently US became the space runners pushing USSR behind by ,successfully landing humans on our natural satellite.Further, a group of developed countries built a space station which orbits the earth using gravitational force.ISS was not left unoccupied since it was built.lot of experiments are being performed in ISS till date due to differential behaviour of all the phenomena in absence of gravity which is microgravity.Unfortunately India was not a part of that group of countries but ,it emerged as a separate nation to build efficient rockets and space technologies very cheaply .This low budget gave ISRO a humongous boost to be unique and encourage even the underdeveloped countries to participate in such space programmes which may tickle the mankind towards an enigmatic stage (life on mars).

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