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Stop making things worse for #yourself


When we face unfavourable situations in life. We make it worse and even worse for ourselves.
We are sensible until problems don’t cross our way. When things are right we are fine.
We face real situations when stuff doesn’t go according to us.
In Unfavourable conditions of our life, all our sensibility fades away somewhere. We even lose our steadiness in these kinda situations.
Teeny – Weeny problems seems elephantine to us.
The imbalance between our heart, senses and circumstances makes it even more terrible.
And because of this, we start going towards the things where we shouldn’t. The consequence is our terrible situation becomes more terrible. In everyone’s life, there comes a bad time. You will not see a single person in your life who has not suffered fugly conditions in their life.
We all face it.
Do remember these situations are temporary.
They not permanent.
Bad days not always remain in your life. The way they come in the same way they go.
Most of the people come out from these fugly situations but some not. Some exhaust their whole life in them.
Life is easy-peasy.
Life is beautiful.
We make it puzzling and thorny for us.
Never say never
Yeah, never say never.
Don’t stop yourself and never quit on things.
Sometimes the time is stony, tough and herculean.
And its become very difficult to get out of the situation but time is a healer and these kinda situation goes with time.
When you are facing problems in life think that this is a bumpy, lumpy and stony ride after which you will reach to your destination for which you were waiting for years.

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