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stress a major teenage problem


We all conspire to be a teenager thinking that it is age in which we can enjoy a lot. When we were young and we saw teenagers roaming around on scooters and cars we were fascinated by them. We all thought that once we become a teenager then we would also enjoy the best phase of our lives.
But what happened when we became a teenager. As we grew up the pressure of studies increased, the responsibilities increased and the main thing our personal issues start coming in our lives. Our friend circle gets bigger and as do the problems associated with it. We are attracted more towards the bad things than the good ones. Everything seems to be going wrong. And then a moment comes when you get all flustered with Shit going on in our lives.
This is when the main problem of teenage comes towards us and that is stress. It is a stage that we all encounter due to individual reasons. It happened with me too it was just heck. Everything seemed to be going backward in my life. But when I thought about it I realized that I was stressing over issues that I had no control on. I couldn’t do anything about them so why was I thinking about them. Why do I care so much for people. Why do I think about the people that left me? All this left me feeling a lot better and I was doing good with everything.
So the best solution to this problem is just stop thinking about the things you can’t change and only think about the present. Another good option is to share all the things with someone you trust. This will help you a lot in coming out of the hole that you have let yourself in.
I have seen so many people facing this problem and the main problem is that we care too much and very early. Instead we should just stop caring and let a person leave if he or she wants to. Don’t let it disturb your life in any way. Just consider that it was a lesson for you. We also care too much about the past and the future. What will happen is going to happen you can’t change it we have to understand that and live in the present. We should enjoy every single second of the life that we get.
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