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Dressing up & styling in a way you cherish is cool enough. Whether you wear too much colors, or monochrome, or animal prints, or just basics, whether you dress up minimal or too loud, every little thing seems fine on you as soon as one is absolutely comfortable with their preference of personal style. Although it is not mandatory to follow each and every emerging trend. Whatever suits the best to one’s personality is appropriate and impeccable in every sense.


This phrase is all about being perfect in the imperfections. The most crucial topic of being unapologetically you is highlighted through this. Yes, crazy is the new cool. Carrying yourself in a definite manner peculiar from others is what makes you unique. What seem normal to you may seem crazy or strange or sometimes fascinating to others. Being authentic in a world of make – believe is what defines coolness and unlikeness.


We know about those days when you are just not feeling it and want to pull off something casual yet nice. There are days you want to be completely effortless and we have for you a few ‘just what you need’ clothing styles that are just made for such days.  

A oversized graphics t-shirt is a good option. You can pair it with knee length boots like Ariana Grande or just with mid-top panelled lace-ups shoes. The minimalist the look, the better it looks.  

Maxi dress is always cute and chic no matter what time of the day you are wearing it. Any printed, wrap on, knee length maxi dress you wear. Pairing it with little Jewellery and some sports shoes and you will get a Alia Bhatt inspired look. 

Effortless dressing for us is also a good old white tank top with boyfriend jeans. Seriously, nothing is more effortless than that. Everyone should have a white tank top and boyfriend jeans in their wardrobe.  

Another choice of clothes we dig for a leisure day is a dungaree. It’s cute, it’s simple and it’s what you need on a leisurely day. Pair it with a cut sleeve or high neck top and you’re good to go!

A good and very popular one is oversized shirt with boots or shoes along with a waist belt. It’s what we see on our celebrities and it looks extremely fancy

These are few of our choices for a leisure day and we can already see you looking dazzling wearing them!  


Gone are the days of women gushing over long dark hairs. Bob cut is now everybody’s top hairstyle preference.

The haircut got a lot popular this year with singer Selena Gomez and social media stars like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and many others transforming their hairstyle to short above the shoulder length bob. Selena had the hairstyle for years and she wore a bob cut wig for her “Back to you” music video which gave all of us a major nostalgia.

Bob haircut has been around us for a long time but people were hesitant of getting it but now due to massive climate change and literally scorching sun rays women are try to do whatever possible to beat the heat and Bob is the perfect solution for the problem.

It is manageable and allows the summer breeze brush through your hair smoothly. You don’t need to spend a lot of time styling bob cut and that’s the beauty of it.

For all the working professional women out there, this is the hair style for you. It is not very time consuming and can be left uncombed in a busy morning just brush your hands through it which will give you a good messy look.

It turns out Bob looks good on every piece of clothing too and anybody can pull it off. Whether it’s a Bob with fringes, curly hair or wavy, you get a wide variety of options to choose from.

So, go to your nearest salon and treat yourself to a classic Bob cut!

Here are some of the best hair salons in Delhi:

Looks Salon-

Javed Habib-

Ambika Pillai Salon-



Predictions about the future of fashion usually focus on the next season and are made by trendsetters and fashion designers. This time we look a bit further ahead as the next era of fashion is all about personalisation and prediction. Fashion is all about innovation- from invention of sewing machines to the rise of e-commerce, now to AI.  The changing trends in fashion brings to us smart clothing techniques that we may be wearing by 2030. Yes, you read it right. The forecast of the fashion industry’s future in the next 10 years include ‘wearable’ technology that could connect clothing to the internet. One of the trends may include solar- powered clothes, thanks to innovative solar cells that harvest energy from the sun, one could use to charge the phone through solar-powered jacket.


The fact is, technology will eventually increase the turnover of the fashion cycle. Some of the clothing are so hi- tech it would make us feel like starring in sci-fi movies. These include weather resistant spandex suits and NASA Mars spacesuit. The next decade is likely to be one of the most game changing in human history of aesthetic fashion. Researchers are working on the idea of eco – friendly and self- cleaning textiles which will provide no harm to the environment.

" Today we carry technology, tomorrow we'll wear it"

fashion 1


The Media Personality, Kim Kardashian West is launching a body collection range on 21st June 2019. The new range of product includes 3 different products body make up, a liquid body shimmer and a loose shimmer powder as well as a body brush collection. The range is suitable for every individual with any skin tone.

 The unique formula of the products bonds with the skin to enhance the skin structure and gives it a long lasting healthy finish which is neither sticky nor heavy. The range has a beautifully selected set of colors which includes golden peach champagne, warm gold, copper champagne and many more. The body formula is creamy, buildable and has a smooth satin finish. It builds easily for a more full coverage if needed.

The pricing begins from $37 to combos of $200. The collection will be available on her website from 21and you can go to to get latest updates on the body range. The products are exclusively sold on the official website and all the product details are available there.

Are bangs back? Find your perfect fringe style in no time.

As indicated by well known hairdresser, Christian Wood clearing side blasts will be gigantic in 2019. The hairdo that ruled our lives between 2000-2005 is back and chicer than at any other time. So don’t think anything simply complete it.

Maxi dresses and flower prints for this burning summer.

Sweat doesn’t make us have a craving for wearing any garments and the main salvage we have from this inclination dress, free vaporous dresses. Dresses compliment each body type and over that botanical re an or more as a matter of first importance, they upgrade the general look additionally florals are never out of pattern. Regardless of whether easygoing or formal simply kill it as our pretty celebs do!

The timeless 90’s trends.

As we definitely realize patterns hold returning over and over yet no uncertainty 90’s had its best. Beau pants, round glasses, dungarees, Leather pants, flare pants, free shirts are only some which have reemerged back.

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