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Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

Established in 1861 in Switzerland, Tag Heuer been manufacturing watches for the classes for over 150 years. Today, Tag Heuer is considered as one of the best watch manufacturers worldwide. It is a known fact that a Tag Heuer watch is not a mere commodity, it is a luxury very few can afford. Owning a Tag Heuer is considered as a matter of prestige.
The Carrera series/collection of watches is considered as the most exclusive and exquisite collection of Tag Heuer. Having being launched for the first time in the year 1963 the collection marked on 50 years in 2013. 56 years after its launch,it has carved a name for itself and a watch from the Carrera series in something every watch enthusiast/ lover would love to possess. The Carrea series was born out of an idea of Jack Heuer who himself was a motorsport enthusiast. Jack Heuer envisioned a Chronograph which would be inspired by motorsport and would have a theme based on motorsport, this gave birth to the Tag Heuer Carrera Series. In the initial years of its existence the watches of the Carrera collection were sports watches, over the years the Carrera collection has expanded and has watches with a complete sporty theme, at the same time the collection also consists of watches having a subtle touch to them and have a remote sporty aspect. However the entire collection is still labeled as sports watches and are claimed to be inspired my motorsport.
Among the various watches the collection boasts, the prized crown of the Tag Heuer Carrera series is its marquee watch- the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera. While words can not to justice to this masterpiece of a watch, the apt words to describe this watch are style, elegance, prestige and precision. Leaving aside a minority of watch enthusiasts, this gem of a watch leaves most awestruck. Priced at Rs:4,60,000 the Grand Carrera is worth every penny payed for it. The Grand Carrera retains the sporty look, which was the idea behind the Tag Heuer Carrera series. Being true to its roots the watch is sporty while at the same time epitomizes class and luxury. The watch has a sleek look, originally coming with a black leather strap with a red lining, the dial is a combination of small tinges of red and silver along with black. The Grand Carrera lives upto the name of Tag Heuer and its Carrera Series, today this watch is an eye candy for most and is nothing short of a status symbol. The legacy of Tag Heuer lives on with the Grand Carrera.

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