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Temple that is more than worship


The temple has always been an integral part of Hinduism. We still go to the temple in Hinduism to worship our God. I myself, who grew up in the Indian Hindu culture, I only guessed the display of the architecture of the temples by looking at the design of the present temples. The temple is a fine specimen of art made for worship. Hundreds of temples of history still exist in India. These are a combination of many arts, in which not only architecture but also a unique sense of sculpture can be seen. The Khajuraho temple is a marvel of effigy which today, after suffering thousands of years, stands for samples of art. It is a symbol of the fusion of Hindu and Jainism, which shows the mutual acceptance of these Indian religions. It described 45 temples in history, out of which only 25 temples have left. Most of the wall paintings here seem to be a presentation of a Kamshastra. This temple was built by Hindu king of Chandel dynasty and UNESCO has incorporated this wonderful art in its world heritage. As far as the idols of the Hindu God are concerned, we can see the decoration of many temples. Similarly, there is a mixture of local art in temples which simply mark them from a distance and say that it belongs to that area. There has always been a dominance of Hindu rulers in South India, so there is a large number of huge temples. Konark’s Sun Temple in Odisha also spreads its own shade which is also included in the World Heritage, whose Sun cycle is inscribed on a 10 rupee note in India. In this series, the Brahadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, which is one thousand years old, was built by the King Raja Chola I of the Chola dynasty. This temple has surprised everyone with its architecture. It is also made of granite stone in that old age which was brought from hundreds of kilometers away. This is an example of Dravidian architecture in which stones were placed one on top of the other, no mixture has been used for pasting stones. Where many buildings of the world are bowing down including Big Ben, it has also stood upright without foundation. The top stone of this temple called Kumbam is the lone 81-ton stone that must have been placed there without a crane. Many temples in South India and India are similarly interesting, they are heritage in the whole world full of features. Whether you know it or not but even without any knowledge, when you visit these temples, its grandeur is seen in your eyes like this. You do not have to listen to the praise of art because like that art itself praises its existence and 64 arts are described in India but this country is more than that. Whenever I go out, I see people from other countries. Then give a proud smile on your culture that you live in India.

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