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The Beauty of Solo-Travelling


Travelling is something you can never get enough of. Going to someplace new and meeting all kinds of new people with their unique cultures is something I am particularly fond of.
But have you ever travelled alone? Travelled with no other company other than your own? It’s a scary thought, I must admit. The thought of being alone in a strange city, a strange country or even an entirely strange continent is enough to send a chill down a person’s spine.
Now, what if I tell you, the more you travel alone, the more benefits you reap out of the experience? Just take a look below at the 5 reasons why you should solo-travel at least once in your life.

The Feeling of Actual Liberation: Imagine this. You are in Paris, the city of love, sitting outside Le Cafe Blanc, feasting on a warm soup, listening to your favorite songs and enjoying a relaxing view of the Louvre, with no one to pester you. Does it not sound liberating? By liberating, what I actually mean is you have absolutely no one else’s wishes or demands affecting your own. No one is tugging at your sleeve to go to places you don’t want to. Trust me, it is a wonderful feeling.

Connecting With Yourself: Solo-travelling is an experience that makes you feel closer to yourself. You start liking your company more, and you start connecting with your inner self. The more you progress in life, the more you will feel the imperative need of this particular quality.

Becoming Confident: Confidence is something you have to have in this world where being even a slightly timid person would send you tumbling down someone else’s shoes. But don’t worry; solo-travelling has got your back. When you realize you know no-one and you can be whoever you want, you start feeling a little more confident than you already were.

Meeting New People: When you travel alone, you know absolutely no-one, but it doesn’t mean that you need to remain mute for the rest of your trip. Oh well, wouldn’t that make it one really bad trip? Travelling alone means you will always get to know tons of new people. You can actually sit down with someone, talk to them about your deepest secrets and wishes, and never meet them again! This way you feel at ease while opening up because you know your information is safe with them and in return, you get to know about so many new people!

Leaving Your Prejudices Behind: As I said, solo-travelling involves a lot of interaction with new types of people. But what do you think; would a person, whose mind is filled with prejudices, be able to do so? I don’t think so. That is why solo-travelling helps you to escape from whatever prejudices you have ever nursed in your minds and just talk to whoever you feel like.

The benefits of solo travelling are certainly not limited to the ones I just listed down for you. I left the others so that you get out into the world and experience them on your own.
Thank you!
-Snigdha Lal

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