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“That bungalow, Bungalow 65 is haunted ma’am!”, said Rita. “How funny!”,chuckled Vanya. “I am not joking ma’am, it’s truth, nobody returns after going there!” “Ohh I see!”,still chuckling. Rita leaves after she had done her cleaning job. Vanya was packing her bags! She called her best friend Ambhuj and told her that she is going to that Bungalow 65. Ambhuj unlike Vanya said,” It’s haunted man! Why are you going there?” “You are coming or not?” “Ofcourse not! Last time I went I saw a lady there and she just vanished somewhere!” “Omg! Stop Ambhuj! It’s too much!” “If you don’t believe go and check it out!” “Okay! Sure, I will see!” Vanya hangs up. She then locks her apartment and gives Rita the spare keys.

Vanya moves in her car, puts up high music, for the first time she was going without a driver. Her father is a businessman of diamonds, she is a MBA student and loves to explore strange buildings! She had explored 5 such buildings and found nothing! So she decides to explore this haunted bungalow on the outskirts of Mumbai. She reached there in the evening. The bungalow was quite big, white paint was covered with dust and cobwebs, the house number was covered with dust too. The huge black door opened with a crackling sound. The leaves rustled. The wind started blowing as if signaling some danger but Vanya give no heed. She opened the door, everything was black, she opened the torch. It was a big hall! She found the switch board and tried openeing the lights and was successful too! She went upstairs, there were rooms. While opening one door, she felt a dark presence behind her!She stopped and turned around there was no one! She concluded it as her imagination! Vanya looked into more rooms and saw a clean one! It was a strange thing that it was clean! She sat on the double bed. There was a cupboard, a shoe rack, a dressing table and one more door. “This must be the bathroom!” She opened and checked it. She was right. It was the bathroom and it was clean too. “Strange! The whole house is a mess but this room is so clean!” “For you….” a voice whispered. “For me? But why?” There was a complete silence. She turned around and saw no one. Suddenly someone knocked at the door. She opened, a dark women with hair on her face such that only one of her eyes was visible. Her eyes red and her teeth white, smiling at her. She had worn a white saree and her feet turned. Vanya closed her eyes and screamed, when she opened them there was no one. She was restlessly breathing. Her heart was beating on the full scale. She decided to leave but the door was jammed. “Omg! What next?” She opened her mobile. “Holy shit! No network!” “Rita was right and even Ambhuj!! I am stuck now!” She started weeping.”Vvvvvvvaaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyaaaaa…” She looked up! There was no one. Suddenly a drop fell on her face she felt it with her shivering hands! It was deep red, her eyes emerged out! She screamed again!

Ambhuj was worried when the call didn’t connect. “I should go there but wait, let me do some preparations!”

Vanya was waiting for the morning. Suddenly a ball came bouncing to her, she picked it up! A kid laughed and said,” Di here! Give it back!” She said,”Where?” And suddenly a boy appeared and whispered,” Here!” The ball fell from her hands and the boy disappeared. “What is all this happening?” An old woman said,”What happened beti?” “Dadi maa! There’s a boy here!” “Where?” She turns around and says, “There!” And again looks at the old woman who was smiling at her. “You must be joking because my grandson died 10 years back.” “But dadi maa… I saw..” “Now quiet and have your dinner! I have prepared Paneer for you.” She said,”Dadi maa, I wish to go home!” The old lady stopped and again in a deadly whisper,”Wwwwwhhhhyyyy???” Vanya puts her hand on her shoulder and she rotates her head at 360 degrees. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!”, she screamed.

A car haulted outside the gate. The lights were dark. Night had covered everything adding more horror to the haunted bungalow. The scream was loud enough, he heard it and ran inside. Vanya was sitting on the floor with her face hidden in her legs. He went near her and touched her head, she was scared,”Who…who… iss.. itttt?” He opens the light. “Ambhuj!” ,she hugged him and cried like a baby. “Okay, listen now, Vanya you have to take this and kill that ghosty spirit!” “But me? Why?” “Because you are the bravest of all. Only and only you can do this and you have to!” Suddenly a chair smashes on his head. “AAAMMMMMBHHHHUUUJJJJ!” She takes him in her hands. “Ambhuj??!! Open your eyes! Speak something,please please Ambhuj!” She tries to hold Ambhuj and moved towards the door. This time the door opened and the could go outside. Vanya took her car and went to the hospital. She didn’t tell anyone about this. Patiently waited for the doctors to come out of the operation theatre.

It was around 4AM when a doctor came out, she asked him,”Doctor, is he okay?” “Yes,he is out of danger. We will shift him in a ward soon.” “Thank you, doctor.” He went away. She was still worried. “What if the spirits were here!?”, she thought to herself. She went to the Hospital’s temple, “Hey Bhagvaan(God)! Please protect me and Ambhuj from those dark spirits.” and she closed her eyes. “You have to fight beti!” She turned around. “Who are you?” “I am a Aghori!” She looked at him with suspicion. “Beti, I know the problem but the solution is that you have to go back and fight them. You have to use that TRISHUL which Ambhuj gave to you.” “How do you know all this?” “Hahahaha! Tathastu(A type of blessing)!!” Ambhuj was shifted to a normal ward but he was in coma. The Aghori’s talks have occupied her brain. She decides something and goes back there again.

The daylight welcomed her but the bungalow didn’t. She went again with Trishul in her hands. The anger was in her eyes. She opened the door. There was no one. She looked around. It was looking just like anyother house. “Should I come at night?” “Why?” Someone was behind her. She turned around. “You want to meet whom? This is my house.”
A man of around 40 years was standing behind him. He was looking older than his age. He was in his formals as if some businessman. “You live in this haunted bungalow.” “No, I don’t but it is my house.” “There are spirits here.” “The people say so. These are just rumours.” “I have seen them with my own eyes.” “Whom?” “A kid, a lady in white saree and an old woman.” “Oh! Means it is true.” “Do you know them?” “Yes,I do! They were my family but one day when I was on my business trip, some goons came and killed all of them. I couldn’t bear this so I left the city and went to London. Now, I am here for the maintainance of the bungalow. It’s been 10 years.” She nodded. “I think I should leave! Goodbye.” “Wait! Shall I drop you?” “No, thanks I have my car!” “So will you tell me a Hotel near by?” “Yup, sure, come, I will help you out!” He closes the gates and went with her. She takes him to a 5 star hotel. “Thanks!” “Your welcome! I take your leave now. My friend is in the hospital!” “Okay. Take care.” “Take this card this is my number. In case, you need help!” “Thanks.” The Aghori’s talks were still occupying the brain. She drives back to hospital. Ambhuj was still in coma. Doctor said,”He will be in his senses. There is nothing serious!” But there was something which Ambhuj was suffering and fighting alone. Vanya knew this.

Around 2 AM.

The phone vibrates. It was an unknown number. She picks up. “Who’s there?” “Vanya??” “Yes,but who are you??” “Sooraj Singhania. The owner of Bungalow 65!” “Ohh! It’s 2AM sir, is everything okay??” “Not really! Please come and meet me.” “It’s too late. I will come in the morning!” “No Vanya. Please come.” “But what happened?” “Okay, I received a call from my home. My wife called me.” “So, it’s a good thing. Why are you worried? No, wait! You got a call from whom?” “My wife!” “WHAT!! Are you sure?” “Double sure.” “Wait, I am coming!” She runs through the lobby towards the parking. Finds her car and goes to the Hotel.

She knocks at his room. “Who?” “Vanya!” “Yes, come in! What should I do?” “Did you talk?” “No, I didn’t pickup!” “Call them back!” “You sure??” “Yes real sure!” “Isn’t it a stupid idea?” “Call them back!” “As you say.” He call backs. The phone rings, he puts the call on speaker. Vanya could listen the bell ringing. Someone picks up. They both are scared, Vanya and Sooraj couldn’t believe their ears. Sorraj is having goosebumps whereas Vanya is continuously staring at the phone. She then signals Sooraj to speak. Sooraj gathers courage, “He…ll, Hell..llo!” “Darling! Why didn’t you pickup earlier?” “I was… was.. in a mee…meeting!” “Ohhooo! When will you come back? I am waiting for you since 10 years!” “But… how… how..?” “Stop getting scared. I know I died 10 years back but I wish to see you. You are my everything.” “You can’t do this. It’s against the nature.” “You just come. I don’t know anything!” “Raakhi!” “Sooraj! I love you! Now please come!” “Okay! But in the morning. Breakfast with you!” “I will tell Maa and Kush!” “Goodbye.” Phone hangs up. “Are you going on breakfast?” “Ofcourse! But what if she…!” “You go and take this.” “TRISHUL??” “Incase she attacks.” “No. I can’t kill her.” “Okay then I will come too!” “Sure.”

It was 7:00AM.
Sooraj was getting ready. Vanya just freshens up. “Will you go like this?” “Yep!” “Wait!” He gives her a dress. “Maybe you will like this!” “Wow!” “Then wear this quickly!” “But you must have brought it for someone else.” “Hmm, for my friend but I will buy one more for her. Now you change!” “Sure.” She changes quickly. “You’re looking beautiful.” “Thanks! Let’s go now.” Vanya drives while Sooraj sits next to her. She stops infront of that bungalow. Today the bungalow was so clean that you can even see the house number 65. “Wow!” ,said Vanya with delight. “Come!” Vanya follows Sooraj. His wife sees him and flies towards him. “You came back!” Sooraj was afraid but he smiles. “Come I have prepared your favourite dish but wait..” She looks at Vanya, “Who is she?” “She is Vanya. My friend, Vanya, this is my wife!” “Namaste Mrs. Singhania!” “Namaste! Come in!” She takes them on the dining table where they met Maa and Kush. Mrs. Singhania served the food but the TRISHUL in Vanya’s hand captures Kush’s eyes. He whispers this in his Dadi’s ears. Kush became restless. He threwed the table. Vanya and Sooraj started getting scared. They stood up. “You came to kill me!”,said Mrs. Singhania. She strangled Vanya. Vanya couldn’t breathe. The TRISHUL dropped. Sooraj tried explaining her but she didn’t listen to him. She kept on strangling her. Sooraj picked up the TRISHUL. Kush threwed the chair on him. Sooraj fell but he stood up somehow. His hand was bleeding but he stood up and stabs Mrs. Singhania. She falls then he stabs one more time. Mrs. Singhania’s eyes drops tears and vanishes. They turn around there was no one. A voice whispers, “Sooraj!” “Maa!” Suddenly a rod hits Sooraj, he fells unconscious. Vaanya screams, she takes the TRISHUL. Vanya sees all around. No one was in sight. She sees everywhere around. Suddenly the voice echoes. “Vvvaaannyyaa!” She closes her eyes and enchants a mantra. Mahakaal blesses her, and when she opens her eyes she could feel a heavenly power within. She could see those evil spirits. She first kills Kush. Kush runs everywhere but Vanya kills him then the old woman uses her powers to scare her but Vanya controls her and kills her. Sooraj gains consciousness and says,”Vanya!” She goes near him. The three spirits appear in a divine way, they say,”Thanks for making us free now we can go and Sooraj, we all love you!” and they descended to God in front of them. Vanya’s phone rings. “Hello! Yes… sure coming!” She takes Sooraj and hurries to the Hospital. Aghori was standing there and said,”You did it!” “Thanks!”,she smiles. “Don’t hurry, he is fine!” But she runs towards Ambhuj’s room. He was lying on his bed. “Ambhuj!” “Vanya!” She hugs him and cries. “Don’t dare to leave me like this! Don’t you know I get scared!” “Sorry! Now, I won’t!” They both smile at each other. Vanya tells him that now that bungalow is not paranormal anymore. Ambhuj says,”Brave girl!”
Ambhuj and Vanya drops Sooraj to the airport from where he went back to London. Sooraj said,”Vanya! Honestly you are really brave!” “Thanks! You too. I mean enjoying breakfast with your ghosty wife!” “Hey!” They all laugh.”I don’t wish to go but have to, so good bye and all the best for your future paranormal investigations!” “Yes, I will miss you too. Anyways thanks and good bye!” They waved. Sooraj went. Ambhuj said,”Now will you come back with me or go back with him!” “Ambhuj!” “Let’s go I will make coffee for my bestie.” “Add Maggie too!” “Sure!” They chuckled.
Vanya goes back with Ambhuj to her apartment. Rita is shocked. “Ma’am! You are alive!” “I told you earlier only!” “Wow ma’am!” “Now, for today he us going to cook so you can leave!” “Sure ma’am!” Ambhuj and Vanya enjoys the breakfast and then Ambhuj surprises her with a ring! She looks at him. Smiles and thinks something. Then she stoods up and went to the balcony. “What happened?” “Now you will give me a ring!” “Sorry!” “You should be sorry because ypu have to give this earlier!” “What!” “Yes, Ambhuj!” “Do you mean you accept me!” She nods. He hugs her! “I will talk to your family!” “Sure! But first let me finish the breakfast!” “No first I will hold your hand and put this ring in it!” Vanya laughs,”You are so stupid!” “Not more than you!” “You are teasing me!” “Yes because you are my bestfriend!” He pulls her hair. She runs behind him!

The apartment fills with their laugh and chuckles.

After a year, Mr. Sooraj walks through the Hospital’s lobby and saw a beautiful girl. He puts the flower beside her. “What’s her name, Vanya?” “Raakhi!” Sooraj smiles and says,”Thanks!” “Arre! Take these sweets” “Yes, sure Ambhuj. I will take two!”
Their laughs fill the atmosphere.

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