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The Drawing of Adimoolam


Lines From An Artistic Life
The Drawing of Adimoolam

Lines From An Artistic Life- written by Aditi De, is the first book to explore the drawings of remarkable indian artist K.M.Adimoolam. Adimoolam is well known for his precise pen and ink drawing in India and Internationally. His drawings range from portraits of Mahatma Gandhi to idealised portrayals of Indian Kings and Warriors, and depictions of hindu gods.

About the book:
Lines From An Artistic life depicts the journey of an eminent Indian artist K.M.Adimoolam, his childhood, love for painting, and motivations in his life. Adimoolam was fascinated by drawing at an early stage of his life, his aptitude for drawing made him move to chennai in 1959. There, under the guidance of the sculptor Dhanapal, he enrolled in the school of arts and crafts. In 1996, Adimoolam started a series of black and white portraits of Mahatma Gandhi. His drawings covered 60 years of mahatma’s life. Later Adimoolam in collaboration with tamil writers started an association. Colours came into his life while illustrating the works of tamil writers,after which he took up oil painting.
According to Adimoolam, in his early childhood his drawings were appreciated by his parents as well as the villagers which motivated him towards art. He also portrays how Dhanapal influenced his life. “I learnt that if picasso was like a strong, wild river, Paul Kleen was a steady stream”- stresses Adimoolam in a 2006 interview.

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