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Now stop for a minute and imagine.
Imagine that you have the perfect figure. You are  kind of perfect. It can refer to Kim’s butt or Ryan Gosling’s all time built . Whatever is your fantasizing spree’s theme…..
Now stop.
Take a turn.
Imagine going to the most famous club in your town with your pals And not requiring an ID. You can order whatever drinks you want and there is a whole club cheering for you because you won a beer chugging competition thrice in a row. You’re dizzy and nauseous but you go for another jug because this is the time of your life and you only live once… .
Now stop.
Change the slide once again
Imagine being in a car , driving with your friends all night long. Talking about how you have not yet prepared for the exam that is due tomorrow because you’re the master of procrastination. Imagine yourself spending the whole night with them and not going to bed until 3 and at the end just “embracing the mess you are”…

Now stop for real. Don’t skip to another plot. Just do one thing for the finale.

Delete all the people excluding yourself out of these scenarios.
And ask yourself –
Would you really want a six pack ab or a zero figure if there was no one to compliment you ? If you were to get no likes or comments or appreciation on Facebook or Instagram for it…
Would you forcefully chug another whole pint of liquor down your throat if there was no sound of cheering in the club but just the sound of silence while you sit with yourself all alone.
And finally ask yourself if you would ever brag about going to sleep at 5 in the morning or having insomnia if others didn’t think it was cool or if terms such as the “ night owl “ or “sleep is for the weak “ were not popular.
Trust me , if you honestly introspect , the answer would be a no. ln all these situations you are minutely or intensely hurting yourself unconsciously and the only thing that is encouraging you to do so is “people will like me” . This is because most of the trends or the fads that are so popular have to do with “impressing “ others. They’re about showing off , about being encouraged to take the easier way to feel validated .
Have you ever heard a friend boasting about waking up on time for a week straight or eating a proper diet or doing “pranayama” everyday ?
I haven’t
Because it is hard. It’s hard to actually clean the mess rather than embracing it…
It’s hard to understand that validation from others would never help you to be more content until and unless you stop hurting your mind, your body or your soul to attain it.
So if the next time you go on to pick up a trend that is not necessarily healthy for you but will definitely make you seem “ cool” to the others. Ask yourself just one simple question..
How will romanticizing dysfunctionality help me ?
And the retaliation would be of one simple answer
It won’t .

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