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Ganesh Chaturthi is the most popular event in Maharashtra and on today’s date, it is celebrated in most parts of the country. After travelling and living in different parts of India, i have seen that Ganpati celebration is done by every Indian even though it is in a very small scale. Everyone loves Ganesh ji and he comes every year to take our problems far away from us – that’s what we believe and he is hence called “Vignaharta Ganesh”
Mumbai and Pune have the biggest Ganpati celebration. Bollywood movies and television shows have always portrayed Lalbaghcha Raja as the biggest Ganpati idol ever happened, and it is true; every year Bollywood actors, important personalities, politicians etc. visit this holy place and gain Bappa’s blessings. The crowd for Lalbaugcha raja is immense, people stand in line right from 4 in the morning to have a tiny glimpse of Lalbaugcha raja. You need to have the kind of devotion to stand in line for hours to see Ganpati ji for a few seconds.
Ganesh Chaturthi has a unique system, the Visarjan date varies from 1 and ½ days to 10 days. People take this festival to their homes according to their convenience. Ganpati is the only festival which people celebrate in their homes, there is no ground rule of how it should be celebrated unlike other festivals and that’s what it makes them special.
Ganesh Sthapna usually occurs in the morning time or afternoon time every year. The Aarti is done two times a day. Another exciting part of Ganesh Chaturthi is “dhol – tasha”, every year on Ganpati Sthapna and Visarjan there is a synchronous harmony of dhols, lezim, nagadas and dances simultaneously. People around are mesmerized just by listening to the beats of the dhol and start dancing with joy and welcome Ganpati with their utmost enthusiasm and joy.
Every year Maharashtrians look forward to this festival as it embarks a beginning of festivals, Navratri, Durga Puja, and Diwali and so on. Ganpati festival is very close to the hearts of people and they enjoy their festival. Some of the special things that happen are making of modaks, yes it is considered to be the special sweet for Ganpati apart from ladoos and the original ones are indeed delicious. There is a wave of creativity during Ganesh Chaturthi, there are innovative pandal decorations which are different from each other and the previous year. After immense pollution from the immersion of Ganpati idols, people have developed new ideas to make those idols which are eco-friendly like chocolate made Ganpati idols, Ganpati idols made out from leaves and many more.
It will amaze you how enthusiastic everyone is during this festival. It brings the zeal of happiness all over again when they say, “Ganpati bappa moray, mangal murti morya” and breaks our heart when we hear, “Ganpati bappa morya, pudcha varshi laukar ya (come back soon next year)”. Overall the tourists not from Maharasthra will have a fantastic time here when they come to celebrate Ganpati.
– Ankita Sarkar

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