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The Invisible Man Book Review

The Invisible Man Book Review


What will you call a person who has the ability to be invisible? The luckiest man in this world, of course! Well if you will read this story if you would probably doubt yourself. I am basically talking about the famous book of H.G wells which is the “The Invisible Man” .
As far as the book is concerned it has elements of surprise , fun , a moral value etc. This book is an action packed science fiction which highlights how the knowledge which is considered to be the strongest weapon in the world can be a curse too , if used for evil purposes. After all , everything is dangerous if not used properly!
I will try to give you some brief points about the story. Griffin, the main character of the story is a young scientist who works on a formula of being invisible . He got success in his experiment but fails to reverse it .
Lets start from where the story begins , from a stranger entering a cottage in Iping. It was winter time so there was no point of making any excuses with a man who is fully covered not having a inch of him visible. He is wearing a big coat , glasses , gloves and big shoes. Only his pink nose is visible.He is a private guy which is problem when you live in a town where the major export is gossip , including the gossipy innkeeper ,Mrs Hall. The stranger doesn’t get along with the villagers, especially the owners of the inn where he is staying. He is most of the time busy with his scientific experiments . But as the time passes by , the people find it difficult to digest his strange behavior and starts cooking stories about him . These people clearly don’t have television sets.
Now, the main climax comes in the story. The stranger falls short of money and at the same time, a house in the town gets robbed . As the stranger is the main topic of the story , people start accusing him for the robbery, but guess what happens, the stranger snaps. He takes off all his clothes and reveals that he’s – wait for it – invisible!
The Invisible Man fights with the villagers and its obvious that’s its difficult to win with a man which is invisible . His stuff his still in the hotel and he needs to get it back to reverse his invisibility. To get them back , he forces a homeless dude named Marvel to help him.They went again to get them , but the villagers attack and craziness ensures .
He steals some money from a town and continues his plan . Marvel , who is completely exhausted want to be free from the invisible man but fails to do so. He runs from and while chasing him ( trying to kill him) he found his college friend, Dr. Kemp

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