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So here I am starting my first ever blog so i hope you all will enjoy..
Before going to start i bet that this blog gonna be the best blog you will ever read.
This blog contains the journey of films from black and white era till now.
The golden era of indian films is categorized from 1960s to 1980s.This is the time when most films are romantic ones contains beutiful songs in the mesmerizing voices of kishore kumar, Mohammad rafi and the legendry singer lata mangeshkar. The greatest actor of that time is rajesh khanna ,his popularity is immatchable but in late 70s a tornado named amitabh bachchan came in the industry and everything changes, people starts to love watching action movies more than the romantic ones and it is the downfall for rajesh khanna.public then loves to watch the fictional movies more than the more practical ones but this love for fictional movies has come to an end now. Now people start to give more attention and appreciate the movies which has the most effective content ,more realistic. The food examples of this is that many action movies like race3 and thugs of hindustan had not done good business on box office but least expensive but realistic ones like andhadhun, uri and chhichore has done tremendous job on box office.
So this is life people’s expectations changes from time to time.Nothing is forever. History repeats itself…
This is bollywood which gives everyone a chance to rise.

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