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…..the lonely figure


While everyone was busy with their chores,she was standing behind the door. Perhaps bored of this world`s hustle-bustle. Her eyes as lonely as a tree in the desert. Her pretty face was describing a deep thought that was crawling all over her body. Was it about her career,family or friends?? No, it was even much more scarier and darker. All alone she was dealing with “Parkinson`s Disease”.A disease which is less known in the human population and the one who is going through it. She was aware that something was weird but didn`t know what it was. All the day she laid in her bed and faced sleep disturbances at night; felt difficulty in speaking. Some day anxiety and the other nightmares; having face expressions as blank as printer papers. Perhaps there was an advantage about her condition that she could not remember for long what she was going through. Solitude became her best companion. What she craved for was a little piece of love. Alas! She ended up with the world`s rejection. She was so tired that she became a gloomy figure and ended up being a shadow about whom nobody cared.

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  1. This is great. You have very beautifully woven all the perils of a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Keep writing, your blog is awesome.

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