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The Power of 1% Change.


You will be amazed to know that between a short span of 10 years from 2007 to 2017, the British Cycling Team won an astounding 178 championships, 66 Olympic/Paralympic Gold Medals and 5 Tour De France trophies. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, they won 60 percent of the gold medals available and in 2012 London Olympics, they created history by breaking 9 Olympic records and 7 World records.
What makes this story more amazing is the fact that between 1908-2003, for almost a period of hundred years the British Cycling team had won only a single Olympic gold and no victories in Tour De France. To make matters worse cycle manufacturers in Europe refused to sell their cycles to the team.
What was the reason behind the biggest turnaround in the history of sports?
The Power of 1% Change.
The appointment of Dave Brailsford as the new performance director of the British Cycling Team in 2003 marked the golden era for British Team. He was devoted to his famous strategy which was referred as “the aggregation of marginal gains”, which is based on the fact that tiny changes drive big improvements. He believed that if you want to improve a process. You break down the steps of the process into small simple steps and try to improve each step by 1%, only then you will see a significant change when you put the process together.
He redesigned the cycle seats to make them more comfortable, he changed their outfits and rubbed alcohol on the tires of the cycle for better grip. He applied different massage gels on their bodies to see which worked faster. He even brought a doctor to teach the team how to wash their hands effectively and changed their pillows and mattress for better sleep.
Hundreds of such small improvements led to the super performance of the British Team. The same ordinary athletes became champions by the power of 1% improvement every day.

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