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The Time Lord


British television isn’t really all that widely known. Admittedly, there are quite a few handfuls that make it to fame and eventually, make their way around the world. A few like Sherlock , black Mirror and the most renowned Game of Thrones , a series that became the obsession of many and eventually ended on a disappointing note. However, there is one series that not many know of. This series is the oldest running series, with the first episode being run with a delay of sixty seconds, after the news coverage of the assassination of then president, President John F. Kennedy, the previous day. This meant that the show did not receive much attention in the beginning. However, this was rectified when the pilot episode was re-run before the second episode was run. This delay implies that yes, the first episode ran on Saturday, 23 November 1963.
The series, Doctor Who, has about two parts, the original run and the newer, more modernised runs. The original series ran for about 26 years, from 1963 to 1989. Thanks to its unique story-line and the special effects for its time, this scientific fiction series captured the hearts of many and went on to become a symbol of television in Britain, and eventually, the world. The series was picked up in the year 2005 and the storyline picked up from where it ended in the first run. Till date, there are many fan-clubs around filled with dedicated and enthusiastic fans.
The show depicts and follows the life of a man, called the Doctor, from the fictional planet of Gallifrey, the residential planet of the time lords. The Doctor steals a machine called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension in Space) and makes his way across galaxies. The TARDIS is a time machine and is quite a unique one on its own. The machine has a large interior, betraying the small size displayed on the outside. Capable of taking the shape and form of anything it wants, the TARDIS can easily blend with its surroundings. However, this particular TARDIS was slightly malfunctioned thus having a constant appearance of a blue police box.
The Doctor has the ability to regenerate. This means that every time he dies, he manages to reincarnate into a new body, while retaining his previous memories. This ensured that many actors could play the role of the famous and most loved Doctor. With each regeneration, the new Doctor would have a different personality and a new companion. Every season, each new Doctor seeks out to find a companion; one would travel along with him across time and space to new universes and planets. These companions are usually humans and love to travel with the Doctor. The pair move around through adventures and mysteries, making new friends along the way. However, being a Time Lord and having the ability to travel wherever he wants, whenever he wants, does not mean he gets to do so peacefully. Over his lifetime, the Doctor has managed to get a fair collection of alien enemies, out for his neck. The Daleks, the Doctors oldest enemies, are the most notable among the list of adversaries. These mutated creatures house themselves within metal armour resembling octopuses and move around consorting to defeat the Doctor, making it their life’s goal.
Perhaps the most vital aspect of this show would be the values of loyalty and friendship displayed throughout this show by the Doctor. The lengths the Doctor would go through to save those in trouble and his most faithful companions. There have been plenty of times that the Doctor has saved the Earth and humanity from extinction, from getting completely destroyed. Filled to the brim with creativity, each episode leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat, filled with excitement and anticipation for the next episode, for more. This show is definitely a must watch for those looking for something out-of-the-box and uniquely original.

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